Many baseball fans are intently watching MLBNetwork or NESN, or reading the countless media sources covering the Winter Meetings.

Some fans are looking for their team to make a splash, while Red Sox fans look to counter the shocking trade of Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees.

Rumors are exciting and stimulate the baseball world, however validity must be checked.

For example, recently there were rumors including those from USA Today’s Bob Nightengale circulating around the possibility of Jackie Bradley Jr being on the trade market.

Nightengale deleted his personal tweet regarding the statement, but others clearly heard the rumor as well.

Later that day, Dombrowski shot down the rumor by saying:  “Not accurate,” 

Dombrowski added: “I don’t know where those rumors have started, but they’re not accurate.’

Nightengale was at it again when he later tweeted out this:

Dave Dombrowski has not had time to comment on this tweet, but it is a prime example of the speculation that occurs during the Winter Meetings.

It is highly possible that JBJ is truly on the trade block as Dombrowski may not want his prized center fielder to fear a trade, nor “show his hand” to rival teams.

There will be countless rumors surrounding potential trades that the Red Sox will be involved in, some very public, while others will be more secretive with not a lot of information being released.

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