While the Red Sox didn’t make any blockbuster deals over the four days at the Winter Meetings, but they were able to conduct meetings regarding some of their top targets like JD Martinez.

Many people are concerned that Dombrowski’s efforts are taking too long, but the top-tier free agent market has yet to unfold.

The Winter Meetings has dealt largely with trades: Marcell Ozuna, Ian Kinsler, Chase Headley, and others have all changed teams.

The Red Sox are wise to wait for the market to unfold, as Alex Speier pointed out.

To think that management will allow this team to compete without a power injection is foolish. Dombrowski will make the necessary deals, despite Red Sox fans clamoring for every hot name on the market.

The Red Sox have been slowed down over the Winter Meetings by:

1. Scott Boras

Boras represents both Eric Hosmer and JD Martinez and may want to drag out this process of courting both of his top hitters before either of them chooses to sign.
2. Lack of talent in Minor League system

The Red Sox were engaged with the Marlins regarding a potential Marcell Ozuna trade.

After Ozuna was dealt to the Cardinals, Dombrowski stated that he didn’t “match up ” with them in terms of the talent that the Marlins were looking for.

“We were in the mix,” Dombrowski said. “When I say that, it’s because we have the DH spot open and we felt we could kind of slide guys around in that regard but we were never close to a trade.” – Boston Herald

Similar to the Ozuna situation, the Red Sox will likely stay out of a potential Manny Machado deal. The Orioles are rebuilding and will seek top prospects which, at the moment, the Red Sox lack.

3. Surplus of options

The Red Sox have engaged in discussions involving Todd Frazier, Carlos Santana, and Eduardo Nunez.

The Red Sox are pursuing top tier talent, but will certainly allow for the market to develop before jumping into negotiations.

Fans, rest assured – Dombrowski will make his moves and acquire the power bat that is needed and will prime this team for a World Series run in 2018.