Photo of Luke Tendler

After the release of Henry Owens, the Red Sox have a space open on their 40 man roster.

The Major League phase of the Rule 5 Draft allows teams to fill an open spot on their roster – the Red Sox passed.

The Sox, instead, made two selections in the Minor League portion selecting OF / DH Luke Tendler from the Texas Rangers and RHP Andrew Ferguson from the Kansas City Royals.

Tendler is a 25-year-old who spent last season in AA where in 113 games he hit .245 / 13 / 49 and should be part of the outfield rotation at either AA Portland or in AAA Pawtucket.

Ferguson is a 28-year old who has seen time in three different levels within the Royals farm system reaching AA in 2016.

It is worth noting that the Red Sox did not lose anyone from their club with players such as Trey Ball, exposed to the Rule 5 Draft.

What does this mean?

In reality, this means very little for the future of the Red Sox. These players will not be in Boston, they were merely depth signings for the Minor Leagues.

If you’re upset about these moves, or believe these are Dombrowski’s responses to the Yankees’ moves? Don’t.

The Rule 5 Draft is an annual MLB event that all teams are required to participate in.

Buckle up – Dombrowski will surely make moves soon.