The Red Sox have finally, finally, made a 2017 off=season move, and it has nothing to do with Sam Adams beer. Today on the 18th of December, Red Sox fans got an early Christmas gift in the form of a 2 yr/$13 million contract with Mitch Moreland, thus (presumably) opening the flood gates of other moves that Dave Dombrowski will be making in due time.

Mitch Moreland’s 2017 season was arguably one of his best career years (had career highs in plate appearances, runs, doubles and walks) but allow me to bring some reality to that statement. Compared to all other starting first basemen in the league, he was ranked the following (italic stats are career highs): 24th in Home Runs (22), 21st OBP (.326), 20th OPS (.769), 14th RBIs (79), 18th total hits (125), 17th Runs (73), 16th strikeouts (120), 21st Runs Created (73), 17th Isolated Power (.197). Compared to the rest of the league, Moreland had a more or less (no pun intended) average to below average season. I’m sure I wouldn’t be the first to think that better days are most likely not ahead of him, but I digress.

Analyzing how the club acts from here on out is tricky, because any other player acquisition would require a move (either by trade, platooning or benching). Also, the Red Sox fans can kiss Eric Hosmer goodbye as signing him would obviously make zero sense. Some speculated that Jackie Bradley Jr. would be traded to the White Sox in order to acquire Jose Abreu but that plan also seems to be history, if it even was a plan in the first place. In short, if the Sox plan to acquire JD Martinez, then they should trade Jackie Bradley Jr. for some sort of pitcher (even though it has been reported by multiple sources that Dave Dombrowski had no interest in trading JBJ in the first place).