A Red Sox Christmas Story: No Room in the Inn

As most fans know, the Red Sox recently re-signed first baseman, Mitch Moreland to a two year deal.

This move seemingly eliminates the Sox from the Eric Hosmer sweepstakes.

In other news, the Red Sox are still rumored to be in pursuit of free agent, J.D. Martinez. As previously mentioned, the acquisition of Martinez would be an immediate upgrade to the power outage that the Sox have struggled with.

However, the Sox lack a spot for Martinez.

The two primary blockades appear to be with Hanley Ramirez and Jackie Bradley Jr.

Hanley has been reportedly shopped by Dave Dombrowski in order to clear space for Martinez.

Hanley has had a very underwhelming campaign in Boston since signing a massive 4 year / $88 million contract in 2014. Despite driving in 111 runs in 2016, Ramirez combined to drive in 115 between 2015 AND 2017.

After David Ortiz retired, the Red Sox have been unable to find consistency in the middle of their order and Ramirez has done nothing to add remedy. It is simply unacceptable for a clean up hitter to drive in 62 runs in a largely healthy season – especially on a playoff contending team.

Trading the struggling designated hitter could be the correct path, but finding a suitor would be incredibly difficult for the Sox. This is primarily due to Hanley’s inflated contract and decreasing output.

The most likely scenario would be for Dombrowski to swap a bad contract for a bad contract, similar to the recent swap between the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Red Sox could also mirror a move that the Yankees pulled off with Chase Headley, sending a large contract to a poor team in exchange for a very low-heralded prospect.

These options shouldn’t be classified as “likely,” but may become an option if the Red Sox are unable to move Hanley Ramirez.

The other roadblock, Jackie Bradley Jr, could be much easier to move if the Red Sox were to pursue Martinez.

There is no doubt that Bradley Jr. provides an incredible amount of value defensively, but he leaves much to be desired at the plate. Throughout his career, the Red Sox have been waiting for the offensive consistency, but it has yet to arrive.

Moving JBJ would be the easiest route as his contract is very team-friendly and will not reach free agency until 2021. Due to the financial leniency, the Red Sox are very inclined to keeping the young outfielder, but if the front office is smitten with JD Martinez, this could be an option.

In addition to freeing up space for Martinez, trading JBJ would also allow the Red Sox to recover valuable prospects after the trades for Chris Sale, Craig Kimbrel, and Drew Pomeranz.

Are either of these moves likely? Nobody knows.

One thing is for certain – acquiring JD Martinez is pointless (at the moment) because there is no room in the inn.


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3 thoughts on “A Red Sox Christmas Story: No Room in the Inn

  1. Strongly disagree. First off, just because Hanley got a ton of ABs last year does not mean he had a largely healthy season. He had shoulder issues all year long that not only prevented him from playing first, but sapped some of his power. That is no joke. He has since had surgery and already has vowed he will come back stronger. Yes, athletes say things, but there should be some serious truth to this. It’s not a good idea to trade him, because I think he has more value producing on our team for 22m rather than us, say, eating half the contract so he can produce for another team. That being said, I still want the Red Sox to go get JD Martinez, and do so without giving up JBJ or Hanley. JD splits his time between LF/1B/DH, playing nearly every game. Mookie starts every game in right save for rest days. Beni covers LF when JD is at 1B/DH, and CF when JD is in LF. Hanley plays 1B on Mitch’s off days and DH’s when JD is in LF. Mitch plays 1B against most righties and some lefties. JBJ plays CF against most righties and some lefties. With the inevitability of injuries, going into the season with 6 players to cover OF/1B/DH on a regular basis is a good thing, not a bad thing. Even when they are all healthy, some extra off days for Hanley, Mitch, and JBJ are going to be valuable, since it won’t hurt us on the field.

    1. Hey Kyle,

      Thanks for reading! I appreciate your input and I definitely agree that it is possible to get JD and still keep JBJ and Hanley.

      I’m not sure DD will choose to do so, but regardless, I appreciate the feedback.

      For what it’s worth, this article was intended to be a Christmas analogy, not necessarily meaning that the Red Sox will not land JD.

      Thanks again!

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