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When the Red Sox initially signed Mitch Moreland last offseason to a one year / $5.5 million deal, the expectations were for him to provide a steady left-handed bat who could hit between 15-25 homers and drive in between 70-80 runs.

He also provided steady defense at first base over the season, while being named a Gold Glove finalist.

When the season ended, Moreland was entering a free agent class that included the likes of Carlos Santana, Eric Hosmer along with Logan Morrison, Yonder Alonso all of whom are players that have skills that could benefit teams.

Carlos Santana who had been of consideration by the Red Sox for their opening at 1B / DH which resulted in a contract offer from the team for three years but for a lower financial commitment.  Instead, he chose to sign with the Phillies over the weekend reaching an agreement on a three year and $60 million dollar contract.

Below is a comparison of Moreland and Santana last season:

Moreland: .249 / 34 2B’s / 22 HR’s / 79 RBI
Santana:    .259 / 37 2B’s / 23 HR’s / 79 RBI

From a strictly offensive outlook both are very similar players, yet the Phillies who are in a rebuild, may have overspent on Santana in their 3 year / $60 million deal.

In comparison, the Red Sox were able to resign Moreland to a 2 year / $13 million deal.

Let’s take a look at  Moreland vs. Eric Hosmer 2017 Stats:

Moreland: .249 / 34 2B’s / 22 HR’s / 79 RBI

Hosmer:    .318 / 31 2B’s / 25 HR’s / 94 RBI

In an article appearing on today, Rob Bradford had this to say regarding both Hosmer and Moreland.

About a week ago, one member of the organization told me that there really might not be that much of a difference between Hosmer and Moreland. Besides three years in age, and batting average, perhaps. There is a difference, no doubt. But not $100 million difference, to be sure.” – Rob Bradford / WEEI

Clearly, Hosmer is the better offensive player as the stats show. However, compared to the deal that Hosmer is certainly to get which has been rumored to be 6 years / $120-150 million, the money that the Red Sox saved by resigning Moreland, can be used to help in other areas, such as the potential signing of JD Martinez, or a number five starter.

While the re-signing of Moreland may not be the “sexy” move that Red Sox fans were hoping for, it does provide the team with a steady offensive player who can help both financially as well on the field.

With the monster 2018 free agent class on the horizon, Dave Dombrowski could be saving up in order to splurge, or taking his time before spending on JD Martinez.

If nothing else, Moreland can provide bullpen help……right?