Photo Credit: DriveLine Baseball / Adam Ottavino / Sports Illustrated

Let’s jump right into it. From 2008 to 2011, Tim Lincecum┬ádecimated National League bats, to the tune of a whopping 977 strikeouts, averaging 10 per 9. He allowed a mean of one home run per 18 innings.

And then, he fell prone to a woeful hip injury, which is difficult to rebound from for smaller athletes. He admitted last year that his hip problems didn’t allow him to sustain the end of motion when his foot hit the ground while throwing, so the lower half of his body couldn’t muster the drive to effectively power the ball to the plate. After averaging 220 innings per campaign, the 5’11” right hander turned into a back end starter overnight.

YEAR / ERA / Wild Pitches

2012 / 5.17 / 17 (led NL)

2013 / 4.37 / 11

2014 / 4.74 / 15 (led NL)

2015 / 4.13 / 5 (75 innings)

2016 / 9.16 / 3 (38 innings)

So, with the recent photo surfacing of the thrice winning World Series Ace and Adam Ottavino working out in Kent, Washington, Kyle Boddy at Driveline answered the question any common baseball fan had;

Yes, Lincecum will be throwing for teams in the near future. He’ll attempt a comeback along the perimeters of Jose Rijo.* – Kyle Boddy

We can deduct that’ll be before spring training comes to a start, as any deal for the 2x Cy Young winner will assuredly be a minor league contract with an invite to spring training.

Would you take a flyer on the former four-time All-Star?

*For those who aren’t familiar, Rijo was the World Series MVP in 1990, suffered a devastating elbow injury in ’95, didn’t play for five years, and returned in 2000 to pitch two more seasons with Cincy.