Brian Cashman believes in competitive windows. Dave Dombrowski, and the Red Sox brass, do not.

Midway through 2016, the Red Sox completed a controversial trade for All Star lefty, Drew Pomeranz. After watching Pomeranz pitch in 2016, no one expected much success to follow in 2017. However in 2017, the year of the home run, Drew posted a 3.32 ERA and won 17 games for the Sox.

Dombrowski wasn’t done dealing for pitchers in 2016. Midway through December, the Red Sox moved Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopech for none other than Chris Sale. The Cy Young candidate was everything the Red Sox could have hoped for.

The Red Sox rotation in 2017 was good. In some stretches it was very good. Pomeranz and Sale made for a reliable 1-2 punch as well as nice contributions from Doug Fister and quite a few innings from Rick Porcello.

This group of pitchers has yet to be great, but what if they are?

Fister is out of the fold, so five pitchers come into analysis: Chris Sale, David Price, Drew Pomeranz, Rick Porcello, and Eduardo Rodriguez.

We all know the recent capabilities of Sale and Pomeranz. However, it’s the ifs that make this intriguing.

What if David Price is finally David Price?

What if Rick Porcello finds at least some of his Cy Young success he had in 2016?

What if Eduardo Rodriguez, who just might possess the second best stuff in the entire organization, finally has a break-out season?

The what-ifs of baseball are countless, but this is plausible. Rick Porcello, following a rough 2017, is only one year removed from a Cy Young award. David Price, who looked nearly unhittable in the postseason as well as the last regular season series, is finally fully healthy.

There is no denying the talent this pitching staff possesses. It really becomes a matter of staying healthy, consistent, and motivated.

With all the talk this offseason being on the hitting, the Red Sox rotation is robust. This might be the most complete rotation we’ve seen in quite a while.

Two things are clear:

1. Whether or not Dave Dombrowksi believes in it, the Red Sox “competitive window” is now.

2. The Justin Masterson / Wade Miley Red Sox Era is a far thing of the past.