As the Scott Boras vs. Dave Dombrowski standoff has come to a halt, it begs an important question.

Is Dave running out of time as the President of Baseball Operations?

As Red Sox fans, we’ve been spoiled the last 14 years with three titles. We can relate to the anguish Cubs fans felt for years, only to finally break through. The World Series titles have forced us to expect a chance at a title every season, which is quite unrealistic.

Dombrowski has a track record of pulling of big trades, depleting the farm, and ensuing panic and frustration because we have no prospects. Many fans are clamoring for the Red Sox brass to fire DD because of his attempt to build a bullpen with damaged goods, and the failed attempt to land Stanton for the lack of price the Yankees gave up.

I understand the frustration, but Dombrowski has won back-to-back AL East titles and has brought in big names.

There would be no Chris Sale, Craig Kimbrel, or Drew Pomeranz without the aggression of Dombrowski.

Boston fans, we’ve been spoiled the last two years and we’ve received whatever we’ve asked for.

So, what’s the deal?

Boston fans expect greatness, period. The New England Patriots are a perennial Super Bowl contender and have arguably the greatest coach and quarterback of all time. The Celtics are playing at an unbelievably high level. The Boston Bruins are finding success. The Red Sox? It’s the offseason and we expect big moves.

We are becoming impatient because it seems like the Sox haven’t won in forever when we all know that’s untrue.

Dave shouldn’t be running out of time just yet, as he’s done nothing to warrant getting terminated. Despite the success, Sale, Kimbrel, and Mookie will all command large extensions.

Is Dave running out of time? No…though he’s cutting it close.

There are plenty of items on Dombrowski’s plate and it will only be a matter of time before we get our guy.