Red Sox Rumors

The Red Sox haven’t been active, at all, this off-season. A lot of other teams haven’t been either. Throughout the rumor mill, guys like Christian Yelich, J.T. Realmuto, and Manny Machado are all nice targets for Boston. They would all be a great fit for this team, but the Sox are running out of trade currency.

The team was last in home runs in 2017. They need a boost at the plate badly. The team’s pursuit of prized free agent J.D. Martinez is ongoing. With that being said, the team isn’t sitting on their hands. This off-season is one of the slowest I can remember however, the Red Sox shouldn’t stand by and let time go by.

There are a slew of sluggers out there via trade. The problem for Boston is that their farm system is weak with the graduations/trades of top prospects. Albeit that, the team has a couple young pieces left, but Dombrowski has been known for leaving the farm in ruin.

Young players like Jason Groome, Tanner Houck, and Michael Chavis have sprouted up in recent years. They are the cream of the crop and should be held onto tightly – unless there is something that the team can’t pass up.

Boston’s Top Hitting Prospect

Heading into 2018, third baseman Michael Chavis is the #2 prospect in Boston’s system. He was one of the best high school bats that year in 2014. Chavis has range when making a play in the field, but he is blocked at third base by Rafael Devers. The young slugger will most likely have to learn a new position before he hits Beantown.

The slugger has a violent swing through the zone that induces hard contact and line drives and could provide 20-25 home runs each season. In 2017, the right-handed hitter mashed 31 home runs between Advanced-A and Double-A. He does have quick hands to get to heaters. Additionally, Chavis transfers his power well to initiate hard contact and Fenway Park should be kind to him.

Despite ample promise, prospects are prospects, and DD knows all about them. He will flip them on a dime.

Don’t get comfortable with any of these guys until they reach the big leagues, because they could be used in a blockbuster trade. If Boston misses on Martinez, it wouldn’t surprise people if they go the trade route and sacrifice the future for the present.

There May Be Some Hope

Baseball America did not mind the Red Sox system. Here is what they said for it’s strengths: “The Red Sox still have an interesting mix of pitching prospects, led by No. 1 Jay Groome and 2017 first-rounder Tanner Houck, though most are either far away or could wind up in the bullpen. Corner infield bats such as Michael Chavis, Josh Ockimey, Sam Travis and Danny Diaz provide some power potential.”

On the other hand, the team has lost it’s depth with big trades and graduations. They said that the best tool hitter / power was Michael Chavis. But, they need the power threat now and not two years down the line. The Red Sox have drafted better in the past couple of years, starting in 2014 with Chavis. I wouldn’t get too attached to these players as they could be headed out the door in a surprise trade.