Hearing a legend of the game speak is an amazing experience and Red Sox fans in Bangor, Maine were able to experience just that.

Pedro Martinez joined a crowd of a few hundred people to answer questions from fans and reminisce over past memories.

Throughout the night, Pedro exemplified why he was a fan favorite during his time in Boston. On the mound he was electric, but his larger-than-life personality was the very reason that he was so embraced in the City of Champions.

The Hall of Fame pitcher expressed that the reason he connected with the city was that they share similar characteristics:

Loud. Charismatic. Honest. Fun. Passionate.

All characteristics that the legend and the city he loves shares. He claimed that though he was a model citizen outside of the field, he was mean inside the lines – which is just the way Boston likes it.

At one point, Pedro explained how he refused to sign the Green Monster when he first signed with the Sox, claiming “I wouldn’t sign that thing until I had brought a World Series back to this city.” After the 2004 season wrapped up – Pedro did just that.

Martinez also expressed, “I will take my one World Series in Boston over 3 or 4 in a Yankees uniform.”

As many fans will remember, Pedro had a hand in bringing David Ortiz to Boston. Check out the story, straight from the legend:

Part Two:

In addition, Pedro explained how he stressed the need to get David Ortiz in the lineup:

Pedro answered plenty of other questions for fans, as well.

Which prospect do you wish the Red Sox hadn’t traded?

Michael Kopech.

Pedro explained Kopech threw unbelievably hard, but that Chris Sale was worth the return. He commended Sale and explained that there aren’t enough words to express Sale’s value to the city of Boston.

Pedro’s toughest out?

Edgar Martinez.

Despite collecting a single hit in 33 at-bats, Pedro explained that the future Hall of Fame DH was his toughest out.

“I was always looking for an easy one pitch out, or even giving up a quick base hit. Edgar didn’t allow that. He constantly got deep in counts and made me work. Those are the hitters that pitchers hate to face.”

For those wondering, Pedro admitted that Edgar Martinez should be in the Hall of Fame and that David Ortiz should follow suit.

One mistake you wish you hadn’t made?

The fight with Don Zimmer.

Pedro explained that had it been any other Yankee player (of his age), he would not regret fighting them, but Zimmer was different.

“His age was the regret. I care for older people, so I realize it was a bad look. It turned into a situation in which I wanted to protect myself. If you look at the video, he threw a punch. He said some words about my mother that I didn’t expect to hear from an older man. I saw Jorge Posada coming closer and would much rather prefer to fight him. I definitely regret the incident with Zimmer, it is my only blemish.”

The night was filled with laughs and memories that only Pedro Martinez could share. It perfectly summed up why Pedro will forever be loved by Boston fans.