Alex Cora, Red Sox players helping out with relief efforts in Puerto Rico

The Red Sox announced last Friday that manager Alex Cora will be leading a relief trip to his home town in Puerto Rico.  Cora will be joined by some Red Sox players, Mayor Marty Walsh and Red Sox president Sam Kennedy.  Team catcher, Christian Vazquez, will also be on the trip.  Vazquez, just like his new manager, is from Puerto Rico.

When the Red Sox hired Alex Cora in the fall, he asked the Red Sox if they could help out his hometown of Caguas in Puerto Rico.

This past fall, Puerto Rico was almost completely demolished when Hurricane Maria struck the island.  One of the many towns affected by this hurricane in Puerto Rico was Cora’s hometown.

The Red Sox manager, along with the rest of his group, left Boston this morning and will be on their way to deliver close to 10 tons of relief supplies to victims in Puerto Rico.  The group will also be delivering baseball gear to Cora’s old high school.