Photo Credit: Boston Magazine

Jerry Remy has spent over 30 years in the announcer’s booth calling games the Red Sox, yet it’s his return this season that makes Red Sox fans excited.

Every young Red Sox fan has heard Jerry Remy behind the mic. They enjoy listening to Remy’s stories of his playing days, or his little quips that he would toss out onto the airwaves. These made young Red Sox fans around the country smile and enjoy those few hours – dreaming of their own Major League possibilities.

Now, Jerry is entering his 31st season behind the microphone for the Red Sox.

Remy is returning to the booth this season after he was forced to take time off to battle cancer once again this past season. Remy, 64, has battled lung cancer several times since he was first diagnosed in 2008, which has taken the fun-loving, announcer away from the microphone and the team that he so loves.

To the joy of Red Sox fans everywhere, Remy announced on January 16th, that he has finished his last chemotherapy session, and would be returning to the broadcast booth.

History in the Booth

In 1988, three years after injuries forced Remy to retire as a player, Remy quickly joined NESN as their new color commentator thus beginning a relationship that has spanned over 30 years.  Each and every game Remy welcomes Red Sox Nation to a day game saying  “Buenos Tardes Amigos,” or at night with “Buenos Noches Amigos.”

Jerry began his announcing career calling games with Ned Martin in 1988 and continued until Martin’s retirement in 1992, then teamed up with new broadcast partner Bob Kurtz. Remy and Kurtz would form one half of the Red Sox broadcast team, on NESN from 1992 until 2000.

While also doing games on NESN, the other half of the games he appeared on were on UPN. On those broadcasts, he was teamed up with Sean McDonough and this partnership continued for nine seasons. Whether it was merging networks, or changing of partners, one thing always remained the same – Jerry was behind the mic.

The Don and Jerry Show (2001-2015):

For the next fifteen years, fans tuning in to watch Red Sox baseball were greeted by Don Orsillo and Jerry. This partnership began on a magical night in 2001 when making his play by play debut, Orsillo and Remy called Hideo Nomo’s Red Sox debut – his second career no-hitter.

Orsillo and Remy would become the full-time NESN broadcast team starting in 2006 with Orsillo sitting next to Remy for the next nine seasons.

This broadcasting team would have numerous times where they would while in the booth break out in bouts of laughter, whether it was due to Remy’s air guitar, or a story that would just cause both of them to just start giggling like little kids, it made tuning into Sox games and enjoyable event.

When Remy was diagnosed the first time with cancer in 2009, he sadly was forced to take time off due to this crucial health battle.

Jerry and Dave O’Brien (2015-Present): 

After the 2015 season, it was announced that Orsillo would be leaving to take a job with the San Diego Padres,  Remy once again was left with entering a new season with another new broadcast partner, this time Dave O’Brien.  While together, they may not have the same camaraderie that he and Orsillo shared, but they have formed quite the broadcasting duo and have made Red Sox games worth tuning into.

Red Sox fans have to feel a sense of joy knowing that RemDawg will once again be back in the booth bringing his joy, laughter and stories to Red Sox games. The 2019 season will begin before you know it and Jerry will finish his last cancer treatment the day before heading to Florida for Spring Training.

Red Sox Nation is thrilled that the beloved RemDawg will be back in the booth in 2019.