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The Red Sox GM has drawn heavy criticism for inactivity; however his best move has been putting an agent in his place.

JD Martinez has been the #1 topic of the offseason for Dave Dombrowski and the Red Sox. News sites have beat the topic to death, debating whether, or not, the prized slugger will land with the Sox.

The tension between GM’s and agents has been incredibly high due to the relative lack of inactivity. There are talks of a potential strike due to clubs “low balling” offers to players. The reality is, the situation between JD Martinez, Scott Boras, and the Red Sox is entirely different.

Martinez has reportedly been fed up with the Red Sox lack of flexibility. This likely means that the former Diamondbacks outfielder is looking to get innings in the field, rather than merely just DH. From the player’s perspective, that is entirely understandable; however Boras and Martinez need to face the facts.

Is he better than Andrew Benintendi? No. Is he better than JBJ? Defensively, no. Is he better than Mookie? Nope.

Therefore, he is relegated to complaining about a nine figure deal and DH’ing. A life that seems quite simple. Martinez needs to show up to hitter-friendly Fenway Park, and other hitter-friendly parks in the AL East, and do damage in the middle of the lineup. Don’t worry about the outfield as the Sox have that covered.

Martinez provides immense value to a power-barren lineup as he hit 45 homers last year. He’s had a slugging percentage over .500 for the last 4 years, putting up a .535 slugging in both 2015 and 16 and then slugging .690 in 2017.

The contract is large at 5 years / $125 million. If he signed the deal, it is one of the biggest deals of the entire offseason. Scott Boras’ constant whining and complaining has pushed Dave Dombrowski to a “take it, or leave it” state of mind.

The Red Sox are a storied ball club and are in a win-now mode. If JD Martinez doesn’t want to come to Boston, then so be it.

Dombrowski has avoided the pressure from fans to improve the power in the lineup, but has not out bid himself, nor financially restricted his team – especially with the high powered 2019 class on the horizon.

There will be no better offer, there will be no better location. Dave Dombrowski is done playing Boras’ games and whether JD signs, or not, he’s already made plenty of enemies in Boston.