The Red Sox have finally got their guy in J.D. Martinez


Finally.  The Red Sox got their guy.  Dave Dombrowski went out and got what the Red Sox needed.

Yesterday, as many of you already know, the Red Sox reached a deal with free agent slugger,  J.D. Martinez.  The deal is worth $110 million over 5 years.  The deal also includes an opt-out after year two.  I am honestly shocked that Dombrowski was able to pull this off.  He signed Martinez for less than what was expected and was also able to stay under the luxury tax threshold.

The Red Sox finished last in the league in home runs last year.  So, they go out and get a guy who hit 45 home runs last season and has a slugging percentage of .574 since the start of the 2014 season.  Well played Mr. Dombrowski, well played.

I realize that a lot of Red Sox fans are worried about this signing.  Fans have every right to be worried after the Carl Crawford and Pablo Sandoval signings that went horribly.  I have a feeling, though, that J.D. Martinez is going to be different than those guys.

I also get the fans that say, “J.D. Martinez doesn’t even want to be in Boston.  He said he would rather sign somewhere else.”  He did, indeed, reportedly say that.

A few weeks ago a report came out that J.D. Martinez was ‘fed up’ with the Red Sox front office’s inflexibility and would rather sign elsewhere.  Who knows what the truth is here.  He could have said it and he could not have said it.  This report could be false.  Who knows.  Martinez could have said it and not mean it.  I mean, we all do that sometimes.  Let’s just forget that and try to move on.

I honestly think that the Red Sox can win the American League East Division this season.  We are coming back with almost the same exact team from last year and we added one of the game’s top offensive producers.  Last year’s team won 93 games and that was with a ton of injuries and with numerous down-year’s from guys. This team is good.

I am excited for this season.  I do think this team has a ton of potential and can do some damage this upcoming season.  Now that the Red Sox have signed J.D. Martinez, we can now sit back and enjoy Spring Training and be optimistic about the 2018 season.  And, who knows, maybe Dave Dombrowski has something else up his sleeve.


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