It is finally official. This morning, the Red Sox announced that they have officially signed free agent J.D. Martinez to a 5 year, $110 million contract.

J.D. Martinez was introduced to the media this morning at 9 AM ET in Fort Myers, Florida. I am not going to lie.. After watching his press conference, it was hard for me not to be pumped up about this season. Martinez answered all the questions he was asked in the right way and I really think he will be a good fit in Boston.

The question did come up about what the holdup was with finalizing the deal. Dave Dombrowski answered the question, but danced around it and was very vague in answering. He said that the language was changed to protect both sides. He didn’t go into any more detail.

Scott Boras later confirmed that Martinez’s foot was what the Red Sox were concerned with. If he has a long stint on the DL in contract because of his foot, the team is protected. Later in the contract, if Martinez spends 120 days on the DL, they will get some salary relief later in the contract. J.D was asked about his health: “I’m healthy. I’ve been healthy since, what was it May, since I got back from the DL.”

Dombrowski did say that Martinez was flown to Boston this past week to get checked out by some doctors in Boston. It sounds like Martinez’s week last week was pretty busy.

An opt-out clause was added after the fourth year. There is now 3 opt-outs for Martinez: after the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years.

It is my understanding that Martinez will start working out with the team right away. Cora also added that he will hit in the 3rd or 4th hole, based on where he is more comfortable.

I am ready for this season. Now that the Sox have officially got their guy, they can focus on this season and focus on winning a championship. Red Sox, 2018 World Series Champs, let’s go.