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The Red Sox have an intriguing prospect at first base. Will he make the roster in 2018?

Sam Travis is the former Indiana University teammate of the Cubs, Kyle Schwarber. The tandem was a mainstay in the Hoosiers lineup that often wreaked havoc on opposing collegiate arms.

After being drafted, the teammates have had entirely separate careers. Schwarber has won a World Series and flashed incredible power, despite being moved from his collegiate catcher position. In Boston, Travis has suffered injuries (a torn ACL) and has yearned for the opportunity at the big league level.

The Red Sox clearly have not committed to the prospect just yet, despite flashing potential.

The first baseman flashed potential in Boston, hitting .263 in a limited 76 at bats. The interesting component was the fact that he hit a scalding .389 against LHP.

There is no doubt that Travis can hit, but he is largely blocked by Mitch Moreland and Hanley Ramirez. Before Moreland was resigned, there was the potential for Travis to collect solid playing time, but was once again denied the opportunity.

At this point, the Red Sox clearly view the Indiana product as a fringe option. He appears to be the perennial “4A” player that is too good for AAA, but not quite good enough for the big league club.

Travis has had a solid Spring Training for the Red Sox, but with the current state of the roster it is likely that he begins the season in Pawtucket.

If there are injuries to the Sox first base depth, it is likely that Travis will get the call up. However, it appears that he will have to wait another season to get a crack at the Opening Day roster.

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The final decision has not been made yet, but it is likely that the Sam Travis show will be put on hold for another season.