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The Red Sox will join the other 29 teams in pursuing international signings starting July 2. Here is a brief look at their pool money and the stipulations.

The international signing period begins on July 2 and the Red Sox have been allotted $4,983,500 for their beginning number. The Red Sox are in a pool with 13 other teams including the Yankees and Astros. The highest pool figure is $6,025.400 and the lowest is $3,949,000 of which the Phillies are the lone entry. Teams are allotted into their respective pools based on revenues and market size.

This is the second year that a new bonus system is in operation under the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Teams such as the Phillies are penalized by losing bonus money via the signings of free agents but can recover bonus money via trades.  This is a procedure the Red Sox used in 2017 by trading Nick Longhi to the Reds for $2.75 MM additional spending money.

Teams are allowed to trade up for an additional 75 percent of their bonus pool allotment, with trades permitted in $250,000 increments. So a team with a $6,025,400 pool could trade for up to $10,544,450, while the teams at $4,983,500 can trade up to an $8,721,125 pool.Baseball America

The bonus pool represents a hard cap and limits the expenditures to a player under 25 years old and have played six or fewer seasons in an international professional league. As a note in the previous system, the Red Sox have been assessed penalties for attempting to circumvent the signing process.


The Red Sox last July signed three players including their first choice Daniel Flores for $3.100 MM. Flores, as you may recall, became a tragic victim of aggressive cancer and passed away at just 17-years-old. A list of the Red Sox signings and bonus money for 2017 can be found here.