This Red Sox team refuses to lose.  I can’t remember a game quite like this.  With the game looking like it was over in the eighth inning, the Red Sox were able to score six runs in the eighth to give them the lead going into the top half of the ninth.  It was just an incredible finish and I still cannot believe they were able to pull off something like this.

Eduardo Rodriguez started on the hill for the Red Sox.  He looked pretty good at times, but threw way too many pitches.  It was a pretty good season debut for E-Rod.  He started off the game with three strikeouts in the first and two strikeouts in the second.  He ended the game with seven strikeouts.

After Rodriguez, six relievers went in to pitch for the Sox.  Hector Velazquez and Brian Johnson both saw action out of the bullpen today.  Both of which, started the season as starting pitchers.

As good as a game this was, there was a pretty crappy part of it that took away some of the joy in the comeback.  In the seventh inning, Xander Bogaerts was injured on a really weird play.  He was trying to prevent a ball from rolling into the Rays dugout and slid down the dugout steps injuring his ankle.  It didn’t look that bad at first.  I didn’t even realize he was hurt until team trainers came out to check on him.  It looked like maybe he rolled it and was going to play through it, but then had a really hard time getting off the field.  It was really a scary sight for Sox fans.  The team said that it was just an ankle injury and that he will be further evaluated today.

The team went into the bottom half of the eighth inning trailing 7-2.  I, like most Red Sox fans, thought the game was over, but boy was I wrong.  Here’s the series of events: Hanley Ramirez base hit, Mitch Moreland double, Eduardo Nunez base hit, Rafael Devers double, Christian Vazquez base hit, Mookie Betts base hit, and after the  Andrew Benintendi double, the team has a lead.  It was just crazy.

Craig Kimbrel came in for the close in the ninth and sat the Rays down in order.  The Red Sox have now won eight straight games giving them their best start in franchise history with an 8-1 record.  I know it is probably way too early for this, but this team seems special.

Now let’s pray that Xander is okay.  I really hope it is nothing serious and that he will be able to return rather soon.  The Red Sox have an off day today and are back in action against the Yankees tomorrow night at Fenway Park.  I assume that Fenway will be rocking.  I cannot wait.

Final Score: Red Sox 8, Rays 7