This game could have been a lot worse than what it turned out to be.  After falling 4-0 in the first inning, it looked like we were in for a long night.  Yeah, we got beat, but it was a really interesting game.  I am not even going to focus on the whole game.  Instead, I want to take a look at this fight that happened tonight.

For those of you that are unaware of what happened last night, I will fill you in.  In the third inning, the benches cleared after New York’s Tyler Austin slid into second base with his knee extended towards Brock Holt.  It was a pretty dirty play, in my opinion.  I will let you be the judge:

Nothing happened when the benches cleared in the third, but something did happen later in the sixth inning.  With Tyler Austin up at the plate, Joe Kelly threw a couple pitches before hitting Austin with a 97 mph fastball.  Austin threw his bat down and yelled at Kelly.  Kelly said, “Let’s go.”  Austin then charged the mound.  Kelly was able to get a few punches in before being separated from Austin.

Other Notes:

– J.D. Martinez hit his first career Grand Slam in a Red Sox uniform.

– David Price exited the game after one inning due to a “sensation in his left hand.”


Let’s just say tomorrow night will be pretty interesting to say the least.  Hopefully, we will come out on top though.  Rick Porcello will be on the mound for the Sox tomorrow night and Sonny Gray will be on the hill for the Yanks.  Let’s forget about last night’s loss and bounce back tonight.

Final Score: Red Sox 7, Yankees 10