Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun

Despite the weather being horrendous, the Red Sox were able to get their thirteenth win on Sunday against the Orioles.  The temperature was low-to-mid 30s the whole game, the wind was awful and there was a bit of snow.  Not the greatest day to play baseball.

The offenses for both teams were lacking early on in this one.  The Red Sox offense just couldn’t get anything going in the first half of the game today.  They had plenty of opportunities, they just couldn’t execute.  But, with the weather being like it was, you can’t really expect anything else.

The Orioles offense got to Chris Sale really early today.  In the first inning, the Orioles were able to score once after a Trey Mancini singled and Manny Machado knocked him in.  You could tell right from the beginning that Chris Sale didn’t have his best stuff.  He did end up pitching well considering the weather conditions.

The Red Sox trailed 1-0 for a little while until Benintendi hit a game-tying triple in the fifth.  No one could hit Benintendi in, but the Red Sox offense got back to work the next inning.  After J.D. Martinez was able to get on base on an error, Mitch Moreland doubled to put himself and Martinez in scoring position.  Dylan Bundy then threw one in the dirt that got away from Orioles catcher, Danny Valencia that Martinez was able to score on.  This moved Moreland over to third.  Tzu-Wei Lin then hit a ground rule double to score Moreland.

The bullpen was able to hold onto the two-run lead and get the win.  The Red Sox were supposed to play tomorrow at 11:05 PM ET for Patriots Day, but the game was postponed due to inclement weather.  This is the first Patriots Day game that has been rained out since 1984.

Final Score: Red Sox 3, Orioles 1


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