Photo Credit: Boston Herald

What an ugly game last night.  I know it sounds bad, but I am tired of losing.  This team has just been losing in such frustrating fashion.  Last night’s game was the same story.  The Red Sox couldn’t get any hits or runs early in the game.  You aren’t going to win games if you aren’t hitting.  It’s simple.

I am testing out a new recap format, so I do not know where this blog is headed.  I am not in the mood to talk about this loss, so I am going to make this pretty quick:

The Good

  • Rick Porcello had a terrific outing last night.  You can tell this is a different Porcello from last year.  He seems like he is pitching with a lot more confidence out there.  Everything just looks great.  His pitch command, velocity, everything.  The runs that came off of Porcello were not really his fault.  Just like last year, Porcello pitched without any run support.  If the offense is giving the pitcher runs, the pitcher is going to feel/look a lot better out there.  The Red Sox offense needs to give their pitchers some run support.
  • Brock Holt stayed red-hot last night.  Holt looks like the only guy in the Red Sox offense right now that isn’t in a mini-slump.  Last night, he continued his stellar performance and went 3-for-4 with a double and hit the game-tying hit in the ninth.  Holt says he feels great and this is a really good sign.  Holt had a rough season last year dealing with vertigo basically the whole season.  So, I am very glad he feels good so far this season.
  • Another positive thing that happened last night was Xander Bogaerts looked great in his first rehab start.  He played for Triple-A Pawtucket yesterday and went 2-for-3.  Bogey doubled and homered in his rehab game.  He is scheduled to play another rehab game today and is expected to be activated from the DL on Friday when the Rays are in town.

The Bad

  • The defense looked pretty bad last night.  Besides the outstanding play that Mookie Betts made, there wasn’t much else that impressed me.  The Red Sox infield made a few errors that didn’t help out Rick Porcello.  The errors probably costed a run or two.  You can’t have that if you want to win.
  • The offense should probably go under “the ugly” category, but I’ll be generous and just label it bad.  They need to get the bats going.  Andrew Benintendi struck out four times last night.  J.D. Martinez struck out three times last night.  Mookie Betts struck out twice.  That’s just bad.  You cannot have your key players striking out that many times.  We know that this team is capable of crushing the ball.  They just need to get back in a rhythm.

The Ugly

  • I think we all know what is going to be under this category.  In the ninth inning on a Brock Holt single, the Red Sox were able to tie the game with two outs and had a chance to bring up Mookie Betts with the bases loaded.  Instead, the Red Sox third base coach, Carlos Febles, tried sending Eduardo Nunez after we had tied the game.  It was an AWFUL send.  Nunez was basically thrown out by 80 feet.  It was awful.  With Mookie Betts coming up with the bases loaded, why would you even take a chance of getting thrown out?  I mean, come on.

The Red Sox will be back in action tonight at 7:07 PM ET and will try to snap the losing streak.  Eduardo Rodriguez will be on the mound and has been great recently.  Let’s hope he can keep it up.