Mookie’s Hot Start Warrants Extension

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The Red Sox star outfielder has played at an MVP level to begin the season.

Mookie Betts has been everything the Red Sox had hoped for to begin the 2018 season. On multiple accounts, the right fielder has led off games with a homerun, while tormenting opposing pitchers.

Perhaps the highlight of the young season came when Betts welcomed Shohei Ohtani to the American League East with a blast, en route to a three-homerun game against the Angels.

Betts is hitting .350 with eight homeruns and 17 RBI this season.

It was a mere season ago when the perennial all star was chasing multiple sliders and struggling to get the barrel on the ball. Perhaps it was the hiring of Alex Cora and Tim Hyers that jump started Mookie’s game, but the young star is on fire.


Time for an extension?

Dave Dombrowski ruffled some feathers during the offseason when he took Betts to arbitration. The sum that was being debated was separated by a few million dollars; however the Red Sox neglected to pay the young star.

In court, Betts won his hearing.

The Red Sox would be exceedingly wise to pursue an extension. Mookie has become a staple at the top of the order, even garnering praise from Buck Showalter as the “best right fielder he’s seen.”

The monetary value is essentially irrelevant.

Mookie Betts is the future of the Red Sox and Dave Dombrowski should do his best to keep him in a Boston uniform.


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  1. True…Locking up Mookie now would be a major win for this team- similar to LAA locking up Trout years ago. But there is big money awaiting him in free agency and it may be too late to put an extension out there now…

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