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The former Red Sox manager may get a shot with a National League team.

The Cincinnati Reds recently fired manager Bryan Price after a 3-18 start to begin the 2018 season.

The Reds have a decimated lineup filled with holes and outstanding veteran, Joey Votto. The rotation doesn’t provide much confidence either with Luis Castillo being a noteworthy prospect and Homer Bailey being a veteran mainstay.

In many aspects, this is a classic case of the manager being the scapegoat.

The team is poor, but management must make a statement to the public eye.

After the firing, it was made known that the Reds had interest in a few ex-AL East managers after promoting their bench coach. John Farrell and Joe Girardi were both identified.

After being fired by the Red Sox, Farrell was hired by the Reds as an internal scout. Largely, this will deal with evaluating the talent that exists within their organization.

John Farrell’s pitfalls were as great as his success. In Boston, Farrell had moments of being an excellent coach – leading the Red Sox to a 2013 World Series championship. The downfalls were the struggle to lead a clubhouse without an alpha.

Luckily for Farrell, Joey Votto exists on the roster as a leader, despite the talent being largely watered down.


The Cincinnati Reds present a fresh start for a manager that struggled under the heavy criticism of the Boston market.

There is no guarantee that Farrell gets a chance, but there’s no doubt he could bring more stability to a franchise that has been a basement dweller for multiple years.

Best of luck, John.