Photo Credit: The Eagle-Tribune

It seems like this Red Sox team is in a little bit of a slump. These past few games have been really frustrating to watch. Losing is one thing, but losing the way the Red Sox lost yesterday just flat out sucks. Yesterday just wasn’t a good day of baseball for the Red Sox.

David Price started out on the hill for the Red Sox and didn’t look all that great yesterday. The velocity was there, but the command was not. He missed his spots badly at times that lead to home runs from the Rays.

You could tell how the day was going to go for the Red Sox when they had the bases loaded with one out and were only able to get one run. In the second inning, the Rays answered back and were able to get two runs. The way they got them was…. weird. In the second inning, Denard Span came up to the plate for the Rays with a runner on second base. Span hit a little line drive to center field that looked like it was a routine grounder for Jackie Bradley Jr. out in center. JBJ, however, tripped and fell right on his face letting the ball get right past him. Span was able to get around all the bases and score two runs. That one play pretty much sums up the game for the Red Sox.

The Red Sox lineup continued to leave runners stranded throughout the game. The game went back and forth for a little while.

The Rays were able to get to Price and get runs off of him pretty early. Yesterday, was by far, his worse start of the season.  The defense behind him wasn’t great, but he was missing spots pretty badly which led to a couple of home runs.

There were plenty of times in the games that the Red Sox had an opportunity and could not capitalize on it.  It was just an overall sloppy game.  Here is another play that pretty much summarizes the day better than the JBJ play:

The Red Sox will be back in action today at 1:05 PM ET.  Rick Porcello will be on the mound for the team and he is hoping to help the Red Sox get their first win of this series.