Mookie Betts is ridiculous.  Give this man an extension right now.  He has been outstanding this season.  He leads the league in home runs (11), OPS (1.274) and is only one point behind Manny Machado in batting average (.365).  After a brief DL stint, Mookie made his first start in a few games in today’s game and boy, he didn’t disappoint.

The game started off just like the past few games have.  The Red Sox starter getting in trouble early.  Drew Pomeranz got in trouble in the very first inning and gave up three runs.  This is a very interesting statistic to me: In innings one through three this season, Pomeranz has a 9.00 ERA and opponents are batting .385 with a 1.073 OPS against him.  In innings four through nine, Pomeranz has a 1.59 ERA and opponents are hitting .211 with a .707 OPS against him.  He just needs to be more consistent.  I do think that eventually Pomeranz will settle down and pitch solid the whole game, he just needs some time.  He barely had a spring training which can explain a lot of his troubles so far.

In the bottom of the fourth inning, J.D. Martinez came up to the plate with a runner on first with a score of 3-1.  Martinez took one deep over the monster to tie the ballgame.  Martinez has been on an absolute tear so far this season.  Most people would assume that Mookie Betts leads all offensive categories on the team, but Martinez actually leads the team in hits (37) and RBI (24).

Mookie Betts!  Man, is this guy on fire or what?  Like I said earlier, Mookie leads a lot of offensive categories around the league.  He is having a great season thus far.  Remember when Mookie said that he wasn’t ever going to have a better season than what he did in 2016?  Well, he is on pace to have a better season.  I don’t want to jinx the guy, but he has looked really good.  Mookie’s home runs came in the 4th, 5th and the 7th inning.  All of his home runs were off of Royals starter, Danny Duffy.  One question that I asked myself is why is this guy throwing to him?  After one home run, you want to be careful the next at-bat.  After two, I would say don’t give him anything near the plate.  But, Duffy kept pitching to him.

The Red Sox are now headed to Arlington, Texas where they will play in a four-game set against the Texas Rangers.  Tomorrow night David Price will be on the mound.  First pitch will be at 8:05 PM ET.

Final Score: Red Sox 5, Royals 4