Photo Credit: Christopher Evans / Boston Herald

The Red Sox acquiring the services of the Gold Glove infielder are more of a pipe dream than a reality.

The Baltimore Orioles are not a very good baseball team. Perhaps the lack of pitching and overall depth has finally caught up to Buck Showalter‘s team, as shown by their 8-27 start to the season.

Despite the team’s poor record, infielder Manny Machado has done his part. The perennial Gold Glove candidate is hitting .346 with 9 homeruns and 27 RBI.

The Orioles’ window to compete for a championship is all but closed. They have trade chips between Machado and Zach Britton, but the amount of holes on the roster will have the trade talks swirling around Baltimore this summer.

A popular trade rumor is Manny Machado to the Boston Red Sox. It has even been corroborated by Jon Heyman:

Why It Might Happen:

The Red Sox have a large window for competing for a World Series and adding Machado would do nothing to close it. The Gold Glove third baseman would likely slide in at the hot corner and perform valiantly.

The perennial All Star is supremely talented and would provide defensive stability, where Rafael Devers has faltered, in addition to a very solid bat. Machado has played his whole career in the AL East and knows the competition very well.

The Red Sox have the prospects to acquire Machado, if they so desired. Dave Dombrowski has a reputation for getting rid of prospects relatively flippantly if the opportunity presents itself.

A deal would likely include three top tier prospects, or Major League-ready talent. Michael Chavis, Rafael Devers, Jackie Bradley Jr, and Bryan Mata are names that would likely be included in any negotiations.

If the Sox were willing to part with multiple prospects, there is no reason why they couldn’t get a deal done.


Why It Won’t Happen:

There is no doubt that Machado would present an immediate upgrade to the defense, as well as the lineup; however just adding the superstar won’t be that easy.

In addition to paying a pretty penny to acquire Machado from the Orioles, they would need to ink him to a long-term deal. According to Spotrac, Machado warrants a deal with an average value of $26,000,000 per season. The Red Sox are strapped down with the cap situation and would be unlikely to give deal out this money, sacrificing the ability to re-sign the likes of Mookie Betts, Chris Sale, Xander Bogaerts, and / or Craig Kimbrel.

The Baltimore Orioles are unlikely to deal Machado within the AL East and watch their once-prized prospect destroy their pitching for the next few season. Not to mention, Machado has been involved with bad blood against the Red Sox in the past.

The Sox are unlikely to trade the farm for a player that they won’t re-sign in order to have his services for not even a full season.

It is a nice thought, and he’s an extremely talented individual, but the Red Sox won’t acquire Manny Machado.