Blake Swihart’s agent has requested that his client be traded

It has been an odd situation with catcher Blake Swihart the past few seasons.  After a hot start in spring training, Swihart earned himself a spot on the opening day roster.  I expected him to get more playing time this season, but hasn’t gotten a lot so far.

Swihart’s agent, Brodie Scoffield, told NBC Sports Boston yesterday that he wants his client to be traded.  Scoffield was quoted saying, “Blake’s in a really difficult position.  We’ve got a switch-hitter, offensive impact player, and his bat deserves a chance to be in the lineup.”

I don’t disagree with Scoffield.  I do think that Swihart deserves a chance.  When he does get a chance, he doesn’t get time to settle in.

Alex Cora referred to Swihart as a utility player in the spring, but Dave Dombrowski called Swihart the third-string catcher recently.

Whatever happens, I hope that Swihart gets a chance to play wherever he goes.  It really is a tough situation.