The Red Sox bullpen has been a roller coaster ride all season, but fear not since it is not a concern for management.

I am still attempting to come to some type of logical conclusion for the statement by the president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski that the Red Sox bullpen is not an area on concern as Tweeted by Evan Drellich.  Is this a mis-Tweet?  Fake news? Has the Twitter account been hacked? Is the GM shell-shocked by Brian Cashman showing how you really built a team and farm system? Maybe a medical checkup is necessary?

I understand that a manager and their executive complement wish to minimize adversity and certainly not place any negative thoughts on the fans or the players. You would probably have to waterboard Alex Cora and Dombrowski for an honest upfront assessment of the current bullpen concoction. Maybe have them watch every episode with the Kardashian collection would loosen the lips?

That aside let’s just twirl that statement around vis a vis the bullpen. Not an area of concern. Really?  An astute “Baseball Man” is attempting to feed that to the masses? This is Boston and not some baseball backwater that will buy a party line that makes a microfiber knot look like the Gordian Knot.

The quote was a reaction to the recent Carson Smith injury and injury that supposedly was the result of tossing his glove.  I thought the David Price video game excuse was far more creative. But back to Dombrowski.

Well, folks, I am now firmly convinced that the DD era will eventually grind this team into a slow and very painful oblivion. Was Dombrowski present in New York recently? When that bullpen gate opens and Matt Barnes and Heath Hembree trot in I have thoughts of start cutting myself.  Even all-world closer Craig Kimbrel seems suddenly susceptible to the malice of issuing walks and dingers.


Dombrowski was paying attention to the Kansas City Royals and realized in this new age of baseball a bullpen becomes paramount to success. So far, the moves to structure a bullpen have been mixed or inconsistent or just lousy luck. Possibly all three. What is known is that two key pieces have contributed little.

No, DD, your team is in trouble.  The gloss of 17-2 is over and you know who is suddenly on the march. You win with pitching and now two have suddenly disappeared with the other being the surprise of surprises Hector Velazquez. Maybe Bobby Poyner will light it up? Maybe Austin Maddox?  Wait  – Maddox also has a shoulder issue. But in the meantime, it is just incredulous making a statement that the bullpen is not an area on concern.