Photo Credit: Nancy Lane / Boston Herald

The Red Sox paid out a lot of money this offseason and their slugger is making every penny count.

The $110 million slugger, J.D. Martinez, is off to a great start with the Red Sox.

After hitting two home runs today, he is now tied with Mookie Betts for the league lead in home runs with 15. He also is 3rd in batting average (.343), 2nd in RBIs (41), OPS (1.077), and slugging percentage (.680), and 4th in total hits (60).

Not only is JD hitting home runs, he is also getting on base, getting hits, and driving in runs.

J.D. Martinez is exactly what the Red Sox needed. Last season they were last in total home runs, and so far this season they lead the league in team HRs with 68 through 47 games. JD is one of the best hitters in the game, and combined with Mookie Betts, they’re putting the league on notice.

The Red Sox tandem is tied for the league lead in HRs, which marks the first time in franchise history that two players have 15 or more home runs in less than 50 games. Plus both are batting well over .300 and both have an OPS over 1.000.

Martinez’ work ethic is also a huge part of the early success of the Red Sox. Everyday he videotapes his batting practice, then goes and studies his swings. He picks out his best one and tries to recreate that swing in the game. He also goes through the video of his in-game at-bats and critiques his mechanics and pitch selection.


In addition to all of that, he keeps a journal of all the pitchers he faces and how he does against them. JD truly is a student of the game. And other Sox players have have caught on to what Martinez is doing. Many have noticed and begun trying the iPad set up JD uses in BP to record his swings. His outstanding work ethic is contagious and helping his teammates around him improve as well as himself.

The Red Sox have something special going on, and let’s hope they can continue this all season long.