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As Father Time begins to catch up to the Laser Show, it’s time to reflect on my favorite Red Sox player.

Before Little League, Nomar Garciaparra was my favorite player to watch. I would try and imitate his batting stance, driving my dad crazy after every pitch – it was essential to step out and readjust the gloves.

Nomar got traded to the Chicago Cubs and I literally cried because he was no longer a member of the Red Sox. When I was that young I didn’t know what a trade was, but I knew he wasn’t on the team anymore. Devastating, yes. However, it enabled the Red Sox to make moves that would end the World Series curse.

Love at First Sight

In 2006 season, a young stud, that was 5’9, probably around 170 made his major league debut – Dustin Pedroia. He only played only quarter of the season, but he seemed promising.

One year later, Pedroia beat out his now Skipper, Alex Cora for the second base position. As we know, the move proved to be beneficial as the Laser Show netted the 2007 AL Rookie of the Year Award and powered the Sox to a World Series championship. After that season, there was a new favorite player in town.

Now in Little League, I wanted to be just like Dustin Pedroia, I played second base and wore the number 15. His defense was so good, and the way he put his whole effort into every play, was something special.

Besides the height of him and I being 7 inches apart, I being 6’4 and him being 5’9, I still always tried to hit for contact and not always for the home runs. Just get on base and make an impact in the game to help the team win. I feel like Pedey helped me with that type of mentality in that aspect of the game.

The unfortunate truth…

Pedroia is now in his age 34 season and it appears that his body is failing him. Throughout his career, he has been respected as one of the true Dirt Dogs – a player that has laid his body on the line at every stage. As we know, this has resulted in multiple injuries, but the respect has only grown throughout Red Sox nation.

At every stage of life, there is a time to move on. It is quite clear that Pedey may never play another game for the Red Sox – and if he does – this may be his final season. Playing in the middle infield is not ideal for his current situation as that position demands premium athletic ability.

If the Red Sox were to seek a trade, it is likely that any return would be a slap in the face to Pedroia’s legacy in Boston. He’d likely net a bottom-of-the-barrel top 25 prospect within a particular organization.

Whatever happens to Dustin, if he is with the Sox or another team I will always root for him no matter what. The organization needs to do what is best for them and get the ultimate goal more World Series Championships to add to the collection

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