A preview of the upcoming three-game set against the Detroit Tigers




Head-to-Head Record



The Tigers started the season off pretty bad, but recently, they have played really well recently.  Yesterday, the Tigers played a doubleheader against the Yankees and won one game.  In their last thirteen games, the Tigers have won nine.

Pitching Matchups

6/5: Steven Wright vs. Artie Lewicki, 7:10 PM ET

The Red Sox have decided that they are going to give all of their starters an extra day of rest this week.  This gives Steven Wright the chance to start a game.  Since returning from his suspension, Wright has had a bullpen role and has done pretty well there.  Over his last nine innings, Wright has not allowed a run.

Artie Lewicki will make his second career start on Tuesday night.  There isn’t a whole lot to say about Lewicki.  I would expect the Red Sox to be able to hit off of him pretty well, but who knows.  There have been several times this season where I have thought that.

6/6: Eduardo Rodriguez vs. Blaine Hardy, 7:10 PM ET

Lately, Eduardo Rodriguez has pitched fairly well.  He has struggled at times this season.  He has a problem of walking batters and giving up home runs.  He is currently walking three batters per nine innings and has allowed eight home runs in his eleven starts this season.  It seems like both those numbers should be higher.  Like I said, Rodriguez has done pretty well lately, so hopefully he can keep it up.

Blaine Hardy has been in the bullpen for most of his career, but has been starting in a few games this season.  Like Lewicki, there isn’t a whole that can be said about Hardy.  The Red Sox bats should be able to get going against him.

6/7: Drew Pomeranz vs. Matt Boyd, 7:10 PM ET

Drew Pomeranz will get another chance to prove to the Red Sox that he is a starter.  Saying that Pomeranz has struggled this season would be an understatement.  I would say if Pomeranz doesn’t do well in his next couple starts, he will be moved to the bullpen.  He has just been awful and I think it is time to move on from him being a starter.

Matt Boyd is the best pitcher the Red Sox will face this series.  Boyd has pitched pretty well this season, by the numbers.  Boyd shouldn’t be too much for the Red Sox offense to handle.