There was nothing enjoyable about this game.

I am going to keep this one short because there isn’t really a whole lot to say.  This has to be one of the worst offensive performances the Red Sox have had this season.  Steven Wright did pretty well on the mound, only giving up one run.  A starting pitcher should be able to get up a run and still get support from the offense.  Not a great night for the Red Sox.

It is known that the Red Sox have struggled against left-handed pitchers.  I am a bit concerned about this problem after this performance.  The Red Sox bats made Wade LeBlanc look like Sandy Koufax in his prime.  Don’t get me wrong, LeBlanc is a good pitcher, but the offense should have been able to get something going against him.  It didn’t help things that when someone did make contact LeBlanc, the Mariners defense was able to make good plays.

It looked like the offense was going to get going pretty early after Mookie Betts started the game off with a single.  But, that is all they could get going for a long time.

Steven Wright looked really good the whole game.  He allowed one run in the third after a few hits, but that was all the Mariners offense could get off of the knuckleballer.  Unfortunately, the offense ruined Wright’s great start with a bad performance on their part.

There isn’t anything else to be said, really.  It was a really bad performance for the Red Sox.  Hopefully, they can move on from this.

The Red Sox will look to bounce back and split the series tomorrow in a late afternoon game.  The team will be sending Eduardo Rodriguez to the mound.  First pitch is at 4:05 PM ET.