The MLB trade deadline encompasses plenty of moves each year. Dave Dombrowski, and the Red Sox, figure to be active once again this season.

The Red Sox have been an active team at the trade deadline under the reign of Dave Dombrowski. They’ve struck deals to acquire Eduardo Nunez, Addison Reed, and Drew Pomeranz over the past few seasons.

While the Red Sox will be certainly be active as a buyer, they have a unique opportunity to sell the services of Drew Pomeranz.

The emergence of Steven Wright has allowed for flexibility within the Sox rotation. Wright has compiled a 1.23 ERA in 36.2 innings and has shown flashes of the previous All Star campaign he put together in 2016.

Pomeranz has compiled a roller coaster career in Boston that has been plagued by high pitch counts and injuries. This season, he has a 6.81 ERA and has pitched more than 5 innings twice.

Who would trade for Pomeranz?

The Atlanta Braves are in the midst of a breakout season and have the potential to win a watered-down NL East pennant. Their GM, Alex Anthoupolos, has already stressed the importance of taking advantage of their current opportunity. As the former GM of the Blue Jays, he didn’t hesitate to acquire Troy Tulowitzki and David Price in the middle of a pennant race.

The Braves happen to boast the #2 farm system in all of Major League Baseball. Now, the Red Sox wouldn’t be able to acquire Dansby Swanson, Ronald Acuna, Kyle Wright, or any other blue chip prospect; however they could acquire a young piece that would greatly bolster their farm system.

Benefit for both clubs

In this scenario, the Red Sox should explore a trade for Touki Toussaint. The young pitching prospect is labeled as the #11 prospect in the Braves system and would help recover lost assets within the Sox farm system. Similarly, the Braves have a rotation that consists of unknowns. Julio Teheran, Mike Foltynewicz, and Sean Newcomb are a formidable trio; however the rest of the rotation consists of highly touted prospects, or the aging veterans of Brandon McCarthy and Anibal Sanchez.

Pomeranz has had documented success within the National League and would provide the Braves with a solid left handed pitcher to compete within a smaller market. Though Drew is a free agent at the end of the season, the Braves would add a proven arm without dealing a blue chip prospect.

As the trade deadliIn Boston, the Red Sox would be able to use Wright in the rotation, or the bullpen, in the postseason while capitalizing on value for a player they will likely let walk after the season’s end.