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The Boston Red Sox have a first base option at Pawtucket in Adam Lind. Lind has excellent MLB credentials, but there are roadblocks to Boston that are difficult to overcome.

Adam Lind sits and waits for an opportunity to knock as he enjoys the comforts of the greater Pawtucket area – gateway to Central Falls. So much for degrading Rhode Island which may actually fund a stadium to retain the PawSox. But back to Lind.

Lind hit .303 in 2017 with 14 home runs and 59 RBI. That was accomplished in 301 plate appearances for the Washington Nationals so the surprising aspect for me is no team offered the 33-year-old lefty a contract. Eventually, the Red Sox signed Lind to a minor league deal with an opt-out clause after Lind left the Yankee farm system.   Lind did not enforce his opt-out and remains with Pawtucket (AAA) where he has five home runs and a .245 average.

Lind’s Boston opportunity took a dent when Steve Pearce was picked up from the fast approaching fire sale status Blue Jays. Pearce has been blessed by genetics to hit right-handed and that will most certainly be a blessing based on how the Red Sox have hit against lefty pitchers. Good for Pearce and bad for Lind.

Lind has another rather substantial roadblock that certainly impedes a drive north on horrendous I-95 to Boston – Mitch Moreland. Lind is primarily a first baseman and so is Moreland. To be blunt Moreland hits better than Lind and fields the position with an aplomb that Lind most definitely lacks.

Lind’s career -11.9 UZR will not have pitchers vote of confidence for fielding mastery at first.  Lind, however, also has some outfield skills, but those skills have a career -14.1 UZR attached. At Pawtucket Lind has played first and dabbled at DH. No doubt what would be a similar duty with Boston or elsewhere.

Moreland recently suffered back spasms and has missed time.  An extended issue may force a DH stay and that could be an opportunity for Lind.  Most certainly a remote opportunity since roster manipulation may be involved.

Lind’s performance at Pawtucket is good, but not spectacular. A performance that may just symbolize a good player who is trending to retirement. To answer the title it appears the place the Red Sox have for Lind is Pawtucket.