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The trades rumors are swirling around Boston, but are the Red Sox bound to make a splash at the Trade Deadline?

The 2018 Boston Red Sox have been one of the best clubs out of Boston in recent memory. As it stands, this team is set to break the all time single season wins record, as well as win their 3rd consecutive AL East title – if the standings were to hold.

Early season success has translated into constant rumors on improving the current state of the ball club. The New York Yankees were involved with trade talks before the season began, acquiring Giancarlo Stanton from Miami and are now looking to acquire an ace such as Jacob deGrom or Noah Syndergaard.

The reality is, the Red Sox don’t need to counter their moves – nor do they have the prospect capital to acquire an elite player. Additionally, the Sox have had success with small moves at the Trade Deadline in their World Series winning years.


The Red Sox acquired Doug Mientkiewicz, Orlando Cabrera, and Dave Roberts.

None of the aforementioned players were considered stars, but rather role players that bolstered the outstanding roster. Yes, the Red Sox sent Nomar Garciaparra to Chicago, but acquired role players in the process.

In Boston, Mientkiewicz hit .215, but will be remembered for his role on the ball club. How about Roberts? He hit a mere .256, but his steal against Mariano Rivera could be enshrined in Cooperstown.


The Red Sox acquired Eric Gagne.

One move? Yes, the Sox made the lone move to acquire a reliever. Unfortunately, Gagne had a 6.75 ERA in Boston; however it didn’t stop the club from winning the World Series.

The larger moves were more internal with the help of Dustin Pedroia, Jon Lester, and Jacoby Ellsbury bolstering the club as younger members.


The Red Sox acquired Jake Peavy and Quintin Berry.

In this case, the Sox did make a larger move; however it was to acquire a veteran in Peavy that brought stability to the rotation. The current rotation is far deeper than that of the 2013 club and shouldn’t anticipate a trade to acquire a starting pitcher.

Meanwhile, Berry produced with a .625 average in 2013. He proved to be valuable depth throughout the postseason. Additionally, the Red Sox traded Jose Iglesias as a part of the Peavy deal and freed up a spot for a familiar budding star, Xander Bogaerts.

Now in 2018, the Sox have made a move to bolster the bench in acquiring Steve Pearce from the Blue Jays. Early on, this trade has paid dividends as Pearce has tortured LHP.

It’s likely that a series of smaller moves will accompany the Red Sox Trade Deadline plan, but that isn’t in Dombrowski’s nature. However, history shows that the Sox have hung banners when making smaller moves.

Could a reliever be headed to Boston? We’ll find out, but it’s important to realize that big moves don’t always yield championships.