Photo Credit: Joy R. Absalon

It’s officially rumor season..

We have 20 days until the MLB Trade Deadline and until then, there will be plenty of rumors about the Red Sox. The latest rumor about the team says that the Red Sox have been in contact with the Baltimore Orioles about a trade for Manny Machado.

The Baltimore Sun’s Peter Schmuck reported Tuesday that the Red Sox were talking with the Orioles about a possible trade.  Schmuck didn’t go into any detail about where he got this information.  The only thing he really said was that a Red Sox scout was at the Orioles game against the Yankees on Tuesday night.

On Monday, Ken Rosenthal reported that the Yankees’ interest in Machado is increasing.  Other teams that are rumored to be interested in the All-Star shortstop are the Indians , the Dodgers and the Brewers.

It wouldn’t be a smart move on the Orioles part if they held on to Machado.  There is a very small chance that Machado may stay in Baltimore after this season, so the smartest thing the Orioles can do is trade him and try to get something for him.  Both the Yankees and the Red Sox are division rivals with the Orioles, so there has been some speculation as to whether he will be traded to either of those teams.

It’s increasingly likely that Zach Britton would be included in any deal with Boston, increasing the interest of the first place Red Sox.

It’s no question that Machado can really help a team make a deep run in the playoffs.  I just don’t know if the Red Sox will be the team he will be traded to.  I’m sure we will hear more on the Machado sweepstakes soon, so make sure you stay tuned for more.