As the second half begins, a number of Red Sox players will be in pursuit of individual milestones!

Games Played:

Xander Bogaerts is 40 games away from his 742nd career game, that would leapfrog him into the Top 50 for position players in a Red Sox uniform.

At Bats:

Xander Bogaerts needs 185 ABs to get to 2,913 ABs, that would move him past old friend Jacoby Ellsbury in the top 50 in a Red Sox uniform.

Runs Scored:

In his first 3 seasons, Mookie Betts has averaged 40-50 Runs scored in the 2nd half. Going as high as 50 Runs scored in this 2nd half, would move him past Jacoby Ellsbury for 38th overall.

Xander Bogaerts the last 3 seasons has been the same as his teammate, he is currently projected to finish the season going past Vern Stephens for 42nd place.


Xander Bogaerts currently stands at 772 Hits, which naturally means at some point next year (barring injury) he will reach 1000 career Hits. For franchise history, this 2nd half he will break into the top 50 in a Sox uniform. In 2015, Bogaerts had a ridiculous 2nd half batting .337 with 100 Hits. Getting that much this half would vault him from 54th to 44th, going past the great Chick Stahl.

Mookie Betts is 109 Hits away from the top 50, so that (as it seems) won’t happen until beginning of 2019 season. Mookie next season will also reach the 1000 Hit plateau.


Mookie Betts has averaged 15-20 Doubles in his 2nd halves, that would move him up to 32nd (187), going past Jackie Jensen. Next year he will be in top 25 no doubt.

Xander Bogaerts following the same trajectory would take over Mookie’s current slot, at 35th overall (167).


Coming off of becoming just the 30th player to hit a HR as a Red Sox, he looks to cap off a MVP season by hitting as much as 15 HRs. That would move him up 1 tick, going past Tony Armas for 28th (116). Next season it won’t take him long to get into the top 20 of Sox HR hitters.

Bogaerts had the best season of young career in 2016, this season he looks to set personal highs in Doubles, HRs, RBIs, and even walks. Adding on 14 HRs would bring him into 30 HR club, and would put him past J.D. Drew for 38th (81).

Jackie Bradley Jr.‘s ceiling for HRs in the 2nd half is about 10 at most. He has been hitting as of late — .268 avg in July, since last month has had 4 HRs 20 RBIs. Hitting 10 HRs would give him 73, tying him at 43rd with Mike Stanley.


Mookie Betts, as a leadoff hitter, is on course to have a 40 HR 100+ RBI season. Another 50 RBIs would move him up to 38th overall, eclipsing the 400 RBI mark in the process.

With the way Bogaerts has been hitting, he is very capable of putting up another 40 Runs batted in. That would push him clear over the 100 RBI mark for the 2018 season, and put him at 42nd in a Red Sox uniform.


Mookie has averaged 30 walks in the 2nd Half, doing so would officially put him into the top 50. That would leave Triples as the only stat he isn’t in the top 50 for.

Stolen Bases:

Mookie Betts is just 2 SBs away from his 100th career steal. Mookie averages about 10 each 2nd half, doing so would put him into the grand Top 10 list.

Dustin Pedroia is unofficially out for the season. But something that is doable, perhaps next season is nabbing 4 bags. Those 4 steals would move him past Heinie Wagner for 5th all time.

Xander Bogaerts is 7 SBs away from #50, that would also put him into the top 50.



Rick Porcello is sitting at 46th with 53 Wins, his avg of 7 Wins during the 2nd half would move him up to tying Oil Can Boyd & Mike Torrez for 39th all time.


As surprising as it may be, Matt Barnes is 43rd with 210 appearances (2 starts). Considering his overall solid yr and being one of Cora’s guys, he’s in line for 30 times coming out of the bullpen for the stretch run. Doing so, would give him the 29th most games pitched in a Red Sox uniform.

Rick Porcello has started 144 games for the Sox. He is in to start roughly 13 more the rest of the way, which would move him up to 35 all time going past Frank Ostermueller.


Craig Kimbrel as he approaches free agency, is just 4 saves away from his 100th career save as a Red Sox. Jonathan Papelbon, Bob Stanley and Dick Radatz are the only other pitchers to accomplish this feat. Nine more saves would move him past Radatz for 3rd all time.


Rick Porcello already has the 26th most Ks in a Red Sox uniform (634). Another 75 Ks would eclipse the 700 mark, and would put him at 21st. Beginning of 2019 he will get into the top 20.

Chris Sale won’t get into the top 50 of games started until the end of the season…. And yet he is ALREADY 43rd overall with 496 Ks. His very next start will get to 500Ks by inning 2, or hell even 1 inning because he’s Chris Sale. Sale averages 120 punchouts in the dog days of summer, that would put him at 28th after 2 seasons. If all goes as planned, the 2020 season would see him enter the top 10 for most Ks as a Boston Red Sox.