It was fun while it lasted.

What a waste of time and effort.  I am going to start by saying this: the game should have never been played in the first place.  If the umpires took one look at the radar (which I am sure they did), they should have known bad weather was coming and it would be best to wait to see if they should start the game or not.  But, the game was started anyway.

Andrew Benintendi led the game off in the first inning hitting a solo home run.  J.D. Martinez followed Benny’s blast with a home run of his own.  After David Price sat the Orioles down in order, the Red Sox offense went back to work.  After Rafael Devers reached base on an error, Sandy Leon walked to bring up Mookie Betts with two outs.  Betts took the first pitch he saw and smashed it over the left-field fence.  5-0, Red Sox.  Benintendi then saw one pitch and then the tarp was rolled out.  That would be it for the night.

Since the game was only played 1 1/2 innings, it isn’t technically a “game”.  That means the three home runs that the Red Sox hit don’t count and the stats are completely wiped.  This is very frustrating. to say the least.  It sounds like Alex Cora is pretty upset, as well.

To make things even worse, it isn’t raining in Baltimore right now.  But, there is nothing we can do.  If you are as frustrated as me, watch this video of Brock Holt singing and playing the guitar during the rain delay.. It helps a bit: