Two days remain before the Trade Deadline and the Red Sox would be wise to pursue a left handed reliever.

The lack of a true lefty has been obviouss throughout most of the season. We’ve seen both Robby Scott and Bobby Poyner have opportunities, but it’s clear they aren’t the solution. With the over abundance of lefties in the rotation, we could see Brian Johnson and Drew Pomeranz switch roles. In my eyes Drew is a reliever, and Johnson is a natural starter.

I think Alex Cora, should have realized that earlier on in the year, when both guys were struggling in their roles.


Option One:

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, Johnson and Pomeranz should switch roles, and here’s why. It’s no surprise that Drew Pomeranz has been awful all season, with 9 starts he is posting almost a 7.00 ERA. Teams OBP against Pomeranz is .390, his SLG is .550 and his OPS is .939. Brian Johnson is posting a 3.45 ERA, that is with 6 games starting and 21 games coming into relief. Overall teams OBP against Johnson is .326, Teams slugging .391 and OPS .716. The majority of fans agree that they’d rather not seem Pomeranz start another game and it is very clear the Johnson is the best option right now.

Starter: Johnson

Bullpen: Pomeranz


Option 2:

I am still head over heels for Bobby Poyner, and I think he could be a good asset in the playoffs. In the majors Poyner is posting a 1.69 ERA in 10.2 IP, all in 10 games. The last game that Poyner has pitched in the majors was June 6, 2018 against the Tigers. After that outing Red Sox Nation has not really seen a dominate LHRP since then. It’s not like he is struggling down in Pawtucket, even though his ERA is 2.35, that is still pretty good. I hope we see him before the rosters expand in September. That way he can prove himself, and make the playoff roster.

In: Poyner

Out: Pomeranz


Option 3:

The Red Sox could acquire Xavier Cedeno from the Chicago White Sox. This season Cedeno is posting a 1.26 ERA in 18 appearances out of the bullpen. Opponents are hitting a mere .146 against the lefty. The price tag for the White Sox reliever would be relatively cheap as a veteran option, but it is possible that he may be similar to Fernando Abad in Boston.

Option 4:

The Red Sox could trade for Jake Diekman of the Texas Rangers. Diekman does not really have the flashy ERA this season at 3.89. In the 2015 playoffs, in 4 games Diekman posted a 1.50. The lefty has been up and down throughout his career, but does possess plus stuff and could prove to be a valuable addition to the Sox bullpen. He’s a one year rental and could be a part of a larger deal that could include Adrian Beltre, or Keone Kela.

Option 5:

The next option I would like to see the Red Sox to look at is Amir Garrett of the Cincinnati Reds. Garrett is a hard throwing lefty and stands opposite of the finesse pitchers that have been previously mentioned. The struggle in acquiring the Reds’ reliever would be his prior classification of a top prospect within the organization.

He’s under team control until 2024 which will not result in a cheap acquisition. If Garrett is acquired, it’s likely that a top 10 prospect may be headed to Cincinnati.

Both Diekman and Cedeno may be had for relatively low tier prospects, or potentially accept Pomeranz in a deal. It’s quite likely that Dombrowski has already checked in on these names, but there will certainly be a trade coming soon.


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