Photo Credit: Getty Images

According to a report from NBC Sports Boston’s Evan Drellich, the Red Sox and the Rangers have been talking about a possible trade that would send veteran third baseman Adrian Beltre to Boston.

With Rafael Devers being a bit inconsistent this season and currently on the DL, getting another third baseman would be smart. Devers is young, which explains some of his inconsistency. Cody and I discussed on the podcast this past weekend about Devers’ struggles this season. I fully expect Devers to clean it up, but adding some depth to third base would be a good move.

I’m not sure if this deal will get done. Relief pitching is the biggest need I feel like for the team. Also, if the team was going to add depth in the infield, it would probably make more sense to get a second baseman. Brock Holt and Eduardo Nunez are okay for the time being, but once we get into the postseason, we couple probably use another guy.

However, I would be totally on board with this trade. Beltre is a solid player and could be a leader in the Red Sox clubhouse which is something that would be huge down the stretch. I’m also a big fan of Beltre. I think he would fit in well with this team. If Dombrowski could get this deal done, I would be excited.

The trade deadline is tomorrow afternoon, so we will find out soon if Beltre will join the Red Sox. I also expect more reports to surface within the next 15 hours or so. Whatever happens, I will keep you updated so stay tuned.