A flight of Boston Red Sox baseball fancy as I attempt to defy logic and make a case for a Hanley Ramirez’s return to Boston for a September push to the pennant.

Should you remarry an ex? This may fall into a similar category in bringing back Hanley Ramirez. Is there any validity to attempting such a move? There are a few negatives and positives as I attempt to hash this strain of bizarreness around to see if a late-season addition of Ramirez could provide a plus in the near future. Is it possible? Most certainly. Is it likely? Remotely – very remotely.

So far Hanley has exactly zero takers which are somewhat of a surprise. Pablo Sandoval was performing far less than Ramirez and was quickly scooped up by the Giants with Boston picking up the tab. Hanley’s remaining $22 MM is Boston’s responsibility. Boston pays no matter where Ramirez plays be it Boston or an independent league team. Boston is currently paying for the cow and getting no milk.

The need for a right-hand bat was answered with the team getting Steve Pearce from the Toronto mid-season fire sale. Ramirez also has the specter of drug trafficking charges, but that has been dismissed. Meanwhile, Hanley sits and either wait for a phone call or ignores phone calls. Is he still in baseball shape? Has Ramirez decided to enjoy his career $159 MM in earnings? Will he join Pedro Martinez under the Mango tree?

Ramirez certainly handled his time in Boston with a level of professionalism that may have surprised many – including me. Ramirez was pictured as a bit self-centered and a “Clubhouse distraction.” That never surfaced even as Ramirez was shipped to left field to embarrass himself. When cut from the team there was no sudden surge of animosity. By all accounts Ramirez was well-liked and a solid baseball citizen. Chemistry would be no issue.

The issue is can Ramirez still play and where? The DH role not appears settled and so is first base. Ramirez would be a mere questionable roster replacement, but there are certainly options. If the Red Sox wish to extract anything that may remain. Bringing Ramirez back and giving some catch-up time in Pawtucket would certainly be in the schedule to see what remains.

Ramirez ’s season numbers were 6/29/.254, but that was weighed down by May when Ramirez hit an awful .163. What Ramirez would represent in all likelihood is a September addition when rosters expand. If Ramirez showed anything of merit in the minors the Red Sox could tweak the pre-September roster – a situation I doubt would happen, but never rule out anything.

A veteran presence is important to any team attempting to get in playoff position. Would Ramirez help? That would be answered if he has anything left in a trail run. Would Ramirez hurt? Very doubtful since Ramirez would not be sending anyone to a baseball gulag. Ramirez would just be another option as an occasional fill-in or a bat off the bench to join the usual collections of September call-ups only with Ramirez you may have a very potent bench option with six Yankee games remaining.