Photo Credit: Adam Glanzman / Getty Images

The Red Sox right-hander will get the start in a crucial Game 3.

We all knew that Nathan Eovaldi will start a game this series.  The question was whether that game be Game 3 or Game 4.  We got the answer to that earlier today when the Red Sox announced that Eovaldi will be starting in Game 3.

Rick Porcello was originally set to start in this game, but Porcello pitched in Game 1 out of the bullpen.  This caused plans to change and led to Eovaldi being bumped up to start Game 3.

Although Eovaldi has had some success against the Yankees in the past, Monday will be his first career postseason start.  To make matters worse, he will be pitching in Yankee Stadium.  His nerves will certainly be at an all-time high.  The Red Sox right-hander will just have to pitch his game and get one out at a time.

Going back to Eovaldi’s success against the Yankees in the past, here is how he has looked against the Yankees lineup:

However, it doesn’t matter how he has pitched against the Yankees in the past.  The only thing that matters is how he pitches tomorrow night.  This game is arguably the biggest game in the season and the Red Sox are relying on Nate Eovaldi.  Let’s see if he can step up.