After giving myself a day to gather my thoughts, here is my reaction.

This one feels good.  Man, does it feel good.  After everyone, including myself, panicked after a horrible Game 2 loss, the Red Sox were able to win two straight games in the Bronx to win the ALDS.  I am going to be honest, I would have been happy with getting one win in New York and getting to play Game 5 at Fenway.  But, the Red Sox were able to pull it off and finish the series in New York.

If I was Aaron Judge right now, I would be hating life.  Judge made a horrible move by walking by the Red Sox clubhouse playing “New York, New York”.  That definitely pumped this Red Sox team up and motivated them.  In fact, after the Red Sox had clinched the series, they went back into their locker room and blasted “New York, New York” while they were popping champagne.  What a moment.

I don’t want to get into a lot here because most of my thoughts on the series will be on the podcast that Cody and I will be recording tonight and dropping tomorrow, but how fun was Game 3? Going into the Bronx and just beating the absolute crap out of the Yankees felt great.

Looking Ahead

This series was fun, but it’s time to focus on the Astros now.  It definitely will be tough, but I do think the Red Sox can win.  For me, it will come down to a few things:

  • The Red Sox will have to win at home.  Just like I said in the series preview for the ALDS, you have to take advantage of having the home-field advantage.  You need to start the series off by getting a couple of wins and putting the pressure on the Astros.
  • The starting pitching has to keep it up.  Besides David Price, the Red Sox starters in the ALDS were phenomenal.  Sale, Eovaldi, and Porcello all had great starts and gave the team a chance to win.  If the Red Sox want to make it to the World Series, they starting pitching is going to have to keep doing what they’ve been doing.
  • In this past series against the Yankees, the bullpen looked pretty good for the most part.  Ryan Brasier and Heath Hembree really impressed me in this series.  The Red Sox have to be able to have trust in those guys.  If the team can have good performances out of those guys.

I will get more into it tonight on the podcast, but the Red Sox can do it.  They just have to play like they are capable of.  We need four more wins to get into the World Series and I believe in this team.  Let’s go.