Photo Credit: USA Today

With Game 1 being hours away, let’s take a look and grade every part of each team.


Red Sox Starters:

The Red Sox starters don’t really have that sparkle like the Astros have. Besides Chris Sale, we don’t know what to expect with the other starters. David Price needs to overcome his playoff hiccups and just pitch like it is a regular season game or even pitch like he did last year out of the bullpen against the Astros in the ALDS. Rick Porcello is the least looked at out of the top three starters. In The ALCS, we saw Porcello pitch a gem against the Yankees. Then the dark horse, Nate Eovaldi, the guy that Boston has fallen in love with. Eovaldi is in a tight situation with him starting, he will either be in a situation to win us the series or keep us in the series.

Overall Grade: B-


Astros Starters:

Nothing much to say about this starting rotation, but 3 headed monsters. When you have three aces on your roster, that is quite scary to face three games in a row.

Overall Grade: A


Red Sox Relievers:

It is no surprise that the Red Sox bullpen is quite shaky and unpredictable. I was quite shocked in how they did against the Yankees in the ALDS. The only concern is we can’t have starters come in every game.

Overall Grade: C


Houston Relievers:

The Astros have a nice punch they have between the starters they won’t use this series and their regular bullpen. The Astros had one of the best bullpens in the major leagues this season, and I don’t expect them to slow up in the playoffs.

Overall Grade: B+


Red Sox Closer:

Craig Kimbrel is one of the most electric closers in the game right now. However, he gave Red Sox Nation quite the scare in Game 4 against the Yankees. But, he pulled through and got us here into the ALCS.

Overall Grade: A


Astros Closer:

Osuna No Comment. The guy shouldn’t be playing at all.

Overall Grade: F-


Red Sox Outfielders:

The Killer B’s have their own unique talent when it comes to hitting and fielding. Betts is the best overall player in the outfield and needs to get into his season form so the Red Sox offense can feed off that energy. You never know the Bradley you will get at bat. Add JD to the mix and that is where all the power is held in the lineup. This was the missing piece to the power we needed last year.

Overall Grade: B+


Astros Outfield:

George Springer is on the talent level as Mookie Betts. However, neither get the exposure that they should be getting. The rest of the outfield doesn’t have that much pop in their swing.

Overall Grade: B


Red Sox Infield:

The Red Sox infield is not that flashy, but they all come up big in certain roles. Xander is probably the most talented in the field. Ian Kinsler was a nice addition to add at the trade deadline. The platoons both at first and third base are going to play a big role in this series.

Overall Grade: B-


Astros Infield:

One of the most flashy infield in the majors. The Astros probably have the best middle infield with Correa and Altuve. Altuve is an animal at the plate and so is Bregman. The whole infield can kill you at the plate and in the field.

Overall Grade: A


Red Sox Catchers:

It was weird carrying three catchers, but Swihart is a great utility guy to have that can hit and hold his own in the field. Sandy and Vazquez’s offense is not the best, but the defense can make up for that slack. Leon was like a soccer goalkeeper in the series against the Yankees.

Overall Grade: C-


Astros Catchers:

The Astros also carry three catchers. Evan Gattis is an offensive beast. Brian McCann brings that veteran status and has been in plenty of these games, which gives him the advantage over the Red Sox catchers.

Overall Grade: C+