World Series: Game 1 Live Blog


Final Score: Dodgers 4, Red Sox 8

And the Red Sox have taken Game 1 of the World Series!  It certainly was a closer game than the final score indicates.  It was a very stressful game.  Game 2 will be played Wednesday night.  Thanks for joining me tonight!

Top of the 9th (Dodgers 4, Red Sox 8)

Craig Kimbrel came in for the 9th.  I’m not going to lie, I was a little worried about him.  He got two quick outs without running into any trouble.  Then came Justin Turner.  Turner competed with Kimbrel, but Kimbrel struck him out to end the game.

Bottom of the 8th (Dodgers 4, Red Sox 8)

Sandy Leon has performed just like all of us predicted.. a multi-hit game in his first World Series game!  Leon started the inning off with a single, but the Red Sox went down in order after that.  Three more outs!

Top of the 8th (Dodgers 4, Red Sox 8) 

Nate Eovaldi got the ball in the top half of the 8th inning.  Eovaldi was able to get three straight ground balls that turned into three straight outs.  I would be completely fine with sticking with Eovaldi in the 9th.

Bottom of the 7th (Dodgers 4, Red Sox 8)

Andrew Benintendi led the inning off for the Red Sox with another hit.  Benintendi is currently 4-for-4 in the game.  Mitch Moreland came off the bench to hit for Steve Pearce next.  Moreland struck out after swinging at a couple bad pitches.  This brought up J.D. Martinez, who the Dodgers intentionally walked.  Xander Bogaerts came up and struck out to give the Dodgers two outs.  Alex Wood then came in for the Dodgers to try and get the pinch-hitting Eduardo Nunez out.  Nunez drove the second pitch he saw over the monster.  8-4, Red Sox!

Top of the 7th (Dodgers 4, Red Sox 5)

Ryan Brasier came out of the bullpen and entered the game to start the top of the 7th.  He looked good against the first batter he faced, Joc Pederson.  He then allowed back-to-back singles to Max Muncy and Justin Turner.  Brasier then walked the next batter he faced.  This brought up Manny Machado with the bases loaded.  Machado hit a fly ball to Jackie Bradley in center that JBJ caught.  However, a runner scored to make it a one-run game.  Cora then elected to bring in Eduardo Rodriguez to try and get one out.  E-Rod did just that and got a pop-up out of Cody Bellinger to end the inning.

Bottom of the 6th (Dodgers 3, Red Sox 5)

Julio Urias came out of the bullpen and started the bottom half of the sixth for the Dodgers.  Urias was able to get three quick outs.  Both Sandy Leon and Jackie Bradley struck out while Mookie Betts popped up to first base.

Top of the 6th (Dodgers 3, Red Sox 5)

Alex Cora decided to bring in Joe Kelly for the 6th inning.  Kelly started the inning off by striking out Matt Kemp.  Kike Hernandez came up to face Kelly next.  Kelly was able to strike out Hernandez too and get two outs.  Kelly was able to get Puig to ground out to first to get the last out of the inning.

Bottom of the 5th (Dodgers 3, Red Sox 5)

After a really good at-bat, Mookie Betts led the bottom half of the 5th off with a walk.  Andrew Benintendi then singled on the first pitch he saw to move Betts over to second.  After the Benintendi single, Dave Roberts went to his bullpen and brought in Ryan Madson with two runners on and no outs.  Madson threw his first pitch in the dirt that got away from Dodgers catcher Austin Barnes.  This allowed both Betts and Benintendi to move over a base.  Madson walked Pearce on four straight pitches.  He followed the walk up by striking J.D. Martinez out on three straight pitches.  This was a really disappointing at-bat from J.D.  Bogaerts then hit a ground ball to shortstop that looked like it was going to be a double play.  Fortunately, Bogey busted down the line and beat the throw.  4-3, Red Sox.  Rafael Devers came up big the next at-bat with a RBI-single that put the Red Sox up 5-3.  Kinsler hit a fly ball to right to end the inning.

Top of the 5th (Dodgers 3, Red Sox 3)

Chris Sale gave up a lead-off walk to Dozier to start the inning off.  This led Alex Cora to come out and take Sale out of the inning and put Matt Barnes into the game.  Matt Barnes gave up a single to Justin Turner in his first at-bat.  This brought David Freese up to face Barnes.  Barnes was able to strike Freese out to get the first out of the inning.  Machado came to the plate next.  Barnes threw a ball in the dirt this at-bat that got away from Sandy Leon that advanced both runners.  Machado hit a grounder up the middle that Kinsler fielded and threw to first to get the out.  However, one run scored for the Dodgers that tied the ballgame up.  Cody Bellinger then came in to pinch-hit for the Dodgers and face Barnes to try and give the Dodgers the lead.  Bellinger flew out to Mookie Betts in right to end the inning.

Bottom of the 4th (Dodgers 2, Red Sox 3)

Ian Kinsler started inning off by striking out.  I will say, he challenged Kershaw a bit more this at-bat by fouling off and taking a couple of pitches.  Sandy Leon came to the plate next and struck out on three pitches.  JBJ then hit a weak grounder to first that ended the inning.

Top of the 4th (Dodgers 2, Red Sox 3)

Sale struck out Kike Hernandez to start this inning.  Yasiel Puig followed with a strikeout of his own to get two outs in the inning.  Austin Barnes came to the plate next and hit a fly ball to JBJ to end the inning.

Bottom of the 3rd (Dodgers 2, Red Sox 3)

I really wanted Mookie to get on and get the inning started.  Unfortunately, Betts struck out.  Benintendi came up next and hit a bloop to left field that dropped.  Steve Pearce hit a sharp ground ball to third that Manny Machado was ableb to field and throw to second to get the out. Brian Dozier tried turning the double play, but Pearce beat the throw out.  J.D. Martinez came up big the next at-bat when he hit a ball to deep center field off the wall that scored Pearce.  When Martinez rounded second, he rolled his ankle.  It looked like he could come out of the game, but Martinez said he was fine and stayed in.  The Dodgers elected to intentionally walk Xander Bogaerts to bring Rafael Devers up.  This turned out to be a smart move by the Dodgers.  Devers struck out on three straight pitches.  Not a great at-bat to end the inning, but the Red Sox were able to re-gain the lead.

Top of the 3rd (Dodgers 2, Red Sox 2)

Sale was able to get Brian Dozier out on three pitches to start the inning off.  Justin Turner came up and hit a sharp ground ball past Ian Kinsler.  David Freese fought off a pitch and got a ball to drop in left field to put two runners on with one out.  Machado then hit a ball down the line to score Turner to tie the ballgame up.  Sale came back and struck out Taylor to get two outs.  Kemp hit a weak grounder back to Sale that allowed Sale to escape the jam.  Sale has 72 pitches through three, so it looks like the Red Sox bullpen is going to have to come up big in this game.  We really need the top of the order to manufacture some runs here.

Bottom of the 2nd (Dodgers 1, Red Sox 2)

Rafael Devers started the bottom half of the second off with a great at-bat and walked.  Ian Kinsler came up next and struck out without even really challenging Kershaw.  Next, Sandy Leon came up and got a two-strike base knock to move Devers over to third.  Jackie Bradley came up and hit a HARD ground ball up the middle that bounced off the mound that Machado was able to field and convert the double play.  Another inning where the last two outs were pretty frustrating.  It is a good sign that the bats are putting some pressure on Kershaw early.  Need a quick and easy inning from Sale now.

Top of the 2nd (Dodgers 1, Red Sox 2)

Chris Sale started the inning off by working Chris Taylor to a full count and striking him out.  Matt Kemp then came up to the plate to face Chris Sale and worked another 3-2 count and homered on a Sale fastball that caught too much of the plate.  Sale then got a grounder from Kike Hernandez to get the 2nd out of the inning.  Yasiel Puig followed up with a walk to bring up Austin Barnes.  Barnes struck out to end the inning.  Sale’s command is worrying me a little.  He is going to have to limit his pitches if he wants to stay in the game long.  He is already at 51 pitches.

Bottom of the 1st (Dodgers 0, Red Sox 2)

Not a bad start.  Mookie Betts starts the inning off by singling to right then immediately stealing second.  Andrew Benintendi then hit an RBI double to score Betts.  J.D. Martinez came up after Pearce flew out and hit Martinez in to put the Red Sox up 2-0.  It looked like we could score another run with Martinez on first and Bogaerts at the plate.  However, Martinez was picked off and Bogaerts flew out to end the inning.  I’m not going to complain about that inning.

Top of the 1st (Dodgers 0, Red Sox 0)

Chris Sale started the inning off striking Brian Dozier and Justin Turner out.  He then was a strike away from getting out of the inning, but David Freese fought a ball off and got a hit.  Manny Machado then came up and lined out to left field.  Overall, it was a pretty encouraging inning from Sale.  I was a little worried about Sale’s velocity, but he hit 94 MPH on his first fastball.  Now, we need some runs.


The Dodgers will be sending Clayton Kershaw out to the mound tonight and their lineup looks like this:

  1. Brian Dozier (2B)
  2. Justin Turner (3B)
  3. David Freese (1B)
  4. Manny Machado (SS)
  5. Chris Taylor (LF)
  6. Matt Kemp (DH)
  7. Enrique Hernandez (CF)
  8. Yasiel Puig (RF)
  9. Austin Barnes (C)


Alex Cora is going with  the same lineup he has all postseason tonight.  Chris Sale will be on the mound for the Red Sox.

  1. Mookie Betts (RF)
  2. Andrew Benintendi (LF)
  3. Steve Pearce (1B)
  4. J.D. Martinez (DH)
  5. Xander Bogaerts (SS)
  6. Rafael Devers (3B)
  7. Ian Kinsler (2B)
  8. Sandy Leon (C)
  9. Jackie Bradley Jr. (CF)


I will be giving you live updates and my thoughts throughout the game tonight.  Check back every so often or just stay here and hangout here for the night!  First pitch is set for 8:09 PM ET.