The Red Sox will soon move west and historically that has not been a success, but that is the distant past.  This team is built for road success.

“Go west, young man” is a saying that is often credited to Horace Greeley in the 19th century as the nation expanded westward. The promise of a better future was awaited than one would have staying in the east. For the Red Sox historically going west was often a failure and not a success.

Red Sox teams have generally been constructed to take advantage of the friendly confines of Fenway Park. Red Sox home and road records often reflected an inability to match with even remote success on the road – especially the west – that the team has at home.  That has had a dramatic shift this century.

The defining moment for the west coast happened early in the 2018 season with a marquee matchup between the Red Sox and the Los Angeles (or whatever they call themselves) Angels. The Angels were projected to be in the proverbial hunt for a playoff position and Boston would be a test. The Angels failed.

The mid-April three-game series saw the Red Sox obliterate the Angels staff by scoring 27 runs while the Red Sox staff allowed just three runs. Another test occurred in mid-July when the Red Sox went to Seattle for a four-game series and split 2-2.  The west has certainly been kind to this group of young men.

Boston can win on the road and so can the Dodgers.  To get to the World Series you have to win on the road and Boston set a team record for road wins. Their style plays well anywhere, their defense plays well anywhere, and so does the pitching. Just ask New York and Houston who combined had five games in their home park against Boston. The final tally was 0-5 with the Red Sox have the five wins.

As the Sox carry a two game advantage into Los Angeles, it’s quite possible that Wednesday night was the last game at Fenway Park for the season.

The Red Sox could go to LA and be swept, but that is highly unlikely. Even being down a game would be meaningless – just go (again) and ask the Yankees and Astros.

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