It’s been a truly special season for the Red Sox, thank you for allowing us to be a part of it.

The 2018 season was a magical ride for the Boston Red Sox.

A mere one season after firing John Farrell, hiring Alex Cora, and reshaping the team’s long-term goals, the Sox are World Series champions. It was a special ride for everyone involved, whether it was the team, fans, or the media. The magical season ended on Monday night – and we wanted to make sure to address this season.

At Sox Sphere, it was our first ever full season in existence. The challenge of compiling a team of writers that engage with no compensation, but merely for the love of the Red Sox is tough, but rewarding. The team of writers is a passionate group and we couldn’t succeed without their help and passion.

This season we’ve been able to complete a variety of projects and goals:

There have been many other new developments over the course of the season, but we wanted to take the time to thank everyone involved. We greatly appreciate the interaction that we have received through articles / podcast / projects by fans. The website would be pointless without your interaction and we are tremendously thankful for the support and input that we have received this season.

We’d love for our readers to fill out a survey to portray their feelings on how we’re doing. As an added incentive, there’s a discount code available after the completion of the questionnaire, so be sure to check it out!

Our first full season was tremendously successful – thank you all for your support!