The trades of Dave Dombrowski have significantly contributed to a world championship, but trades take time before a final verdict is rendered. This deal may eventually haunt the Red Sox.

The Red Sox have had some noted trades by Dombrowski with mixed results. In some instances, the final resolution may be years away as younger players dealt away mature in major league talent or fade away. What is known is the Red Sox have accomplished another World Series title.

Drew Pomeranz had become an All-Star and in a midseason transaction the Red Sox traded for the lefty by sending 18-year-old Anderson Espinoza to the Padres. The young right-hander had already impressed with his high 90s fastball and a surprising level of pitching maturity.

Though he may be small in stature, there’s nothing diminutive about Espinoza’s stuff when healthy. His smooth delivery and lightning-quick arm produce a heater that can touch triple digits, though he typically works in the 94-97 mph range with late movement. Espinoza’s curveball shows plus potential but lacked consistency at times in 2016, while his changeup, thrown with fastball-like arm action as well as considerable sink, gives the teenager a true chance for three plus pitches once he matures. – MLB Prospect Watch

Espinoza suffered the all too familiar UCL tear and his 2017 season became a blank slate. Recovery has also taken a slow route and Espinoza and the Padres have been cautious with 2018 also being a null season. Despite missing two seasons Espinoza is still considered a top 100 prospect on MLB Prospect Watch.

Pomeranz will be gone. The promise of 2017 (17-6, 3.32) has dissipated during the 2018 season and Pomeranz will not in all probably not be resigned. The numbers for 2018 are staggering when compared to 2017. A 5.4 BB/9, 1.5 HR/9, and 6.27 ERA. Pomeranz’s free agent wealth will not be available with his season – some injury related.

The Red Sox also had the opportunity to negate this deal when it was discovered the Padres had withheld vital medical information on Pomeranz. Boston passed on the opportunity and may regret it if Espinoza reaches the plateau predicted.

What the Red Sox did get is one very inspiring season for Pomeranz and a 2018 that was about as uninspiring as possible. A classic trade of the promise of youth for the known quality of a MLB performer.

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