The New York Yankees have submitted their bid to catch the World Series champion, Red Sox.

There it is, the Yankees are getting James Paxton; however I don’t expect the Red Sox to try and make big moves this offseason. The Yankees are making their Chris Sale type acquisition to make up ground within the AL East. The division rivals have bolstered their rotation, in a much needed move, but there’s plenty of reason to still believe in the Sox.

The Red Sox have arguably the best lineup in baseball, so getting a big name free agent this offseason will not happen. Despite neglecting the lineup, the Sox and Dave Dombrowski should be quite active in the reliever market. Keep your eyes peeled for both Andrew Miller and Tony Sipp – especially if Craig Kimbrel ends up signing elsewhere.

The only “knee jerk” move the Red Sox should make is to lock up Nathan Eovaldi. As the Yankees just solidified their rotation, the Sox could do the same by signing their World Series hero. There’s no question that his price tag is higher than Dombrowski anticipated last season, but there’s plenty of reason to get a deal done and the Paxton move further emphasizes that.

The American League East is going to be a fun race next year. The Red Sox are going to really have a challenge with all the teams this year in the East. Between the Yankees and Rays, there should be plenty of action for the top of the vaunted AL East.

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